View Full Version : T#221-227 Patch Notes

01-02-17, 16:34
The patch level for the test server has been reset, so you must create a new test server installation. Please follow the instructions for creating a test client (https://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?156516-Accessing-Vedeena-Neocron-s-Public-Test-Server). The latest installer released on the download page is already patched to #212 to save time on patching.

Balance changes

Armor multiplier reduced
Overal player weaponl damage reduced
Player movement factor added to adjust the run speed testwise

UI improvements

Item-swapping enabled, except for items in your inventory.
Item highlighting of recently changed item slots.
Double-click an item in armour or implant window moves that item to the inventory.
Holding SHIFT/CTRL on moving stacked items moves all or one item instead of asking the player in an dialog.


Object Removal Tool is dismissed after use
Server stability increased

Known issues

Furniture Placeing does not reset furniture preview state on placing/keeps placed slot empty but active.
Configuring hardware from the launcher isn't working. The workaround is to hold down Shift when you click on "Play Neocron 2" button. Keep shift pressed until the hardware configuration screen comes up.
The game crashes on exit, when you do not use ALT+F4.

Please test

The balance team would like testing on foreign cast shield efficiency, weapons that you considered to be overpowered and also drones. Please post feedback in this thread so it can be reviewed by the balance team.