View Full Version : T#213-216 Patch Notes

16-12-16, 12:27
The patch level for the test server has been reset, so you must create a new test server installation. Please follow the instructions for creating a test client (https://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?156516-Accessing-Vedeena-Neocron-s-Public-Test-Server). The latest installer released this week on the download page is already patched to #212 to save time on patching.


Server and client stability fixes
ALT+TAB / ALT+F4 fixes while Spalsh-Screens are active
RPOS: E-Mail count on effects list is now correct

Known issues

Master of poking drug is missing, this will be re-enabled next patch along with a new "Master of tradeskilling" drug.
Configuring hardware from the launcher isn't working. The workaround is to hold down Shift when you click on "Play Neocron 2" button. Keep shift pressed until the hardware configuration screen comes up.