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30-11-16, 12:01
Neocron now has an official Discord channel (https://discord.gg/tcqAHpk), and you are encouraged to join it.

What is Discord?
Discord (https://discordapp.com) is a free voicechat/messanging chat application akin to TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc., but that doesnt require to buy a server - everyone can create own for free, nor even need to be installed and can be run just a window opened in your web browser (also if you want more functionality, its better to download Discord App)

Why join?
To be able to keep up with Neocron 2 status in real time, chat with support team and other players, ask and get answer to the questions about game and just hang out.

You can use both normal chat channels as well join Voice chat - currently separated in English and German language channels.

In addition, you can team up with players in discord and create own server/channels to be able to play together while using voice chat ingame.

In perspective, Trade and LFG channels might be added if there is demand.

How to join?
For Web browser version, simply follow this link https://discord.gg/tcqAHpk

For App version, you can either download the app at discordapp.com or chose to do so from the browser window you opened.

You will need to create an accout, which is as easy as just choosing name and providing email.

How do i use it?
To chat, simply click on chat channels on the left and start writing.

To join voice chat, click on one of the Voice chat channels at the left and make sure your microphone is enabled and the icons for listening/talking in voicechat are not disabled.

To create own discord server, click at the + icon at top left, create a server name, and invite people you want to join it by sharing the link to it.

In Discord settings you can chose language for the Discord app, Enable Overlay (doesnt work currently with Neocron), and setup if you want the voice to be transmitted when you Push to Talk or all the time.

Additional advice
Neocron 2 Discord Status text channel automatically updates with server status messages and player count regularly. You might not want those messages displayed every time its updated and you notifed about it with sound/pop up - so just "silence" the channel as is shown in screenshot below.

30-11-16, 13:04
Thanks for posting this. Stuck. :)

Jack Slater
07-01-17, 20:53
It tells me the invite https://discord.gg/z6b6g has expired or something...

07-01-17, 21:06
It tells me the invite https://discord.gg/z6b6g has expired or something...

Thanks for letting us know, post updated with a non-expiring link - Try this link https://discord.gg/tcqAHpk