View Full Version : Patch R#199-T#246

06-11-16, 21:56
A new Patch is available for Vedeena - Sorry for the delay folks!


updated Intro and Extro Splash
Apartment Doorbell texture adjusted
Vendor Decal addition

Gameworld & NPCs

the Hackterminal in Area MC5 (Starting Area) is now working as intended
updated NeoKea shops in Viarosso Sec 3 with new decals and decoration

06-11-16, 23:00
Was able to enter and exit hacknet on noob without any bugs.

Drones still can't kill anything in noob mc5.

08-11-16, 01:30
Did a lot more drone testing:

Starter drones appear to do one damage per bullet, but they don't actually deal any damage.

The lowest TL kami drone did not appear to deal damage

All drones don't deal enough damage, including rares. The damage is so low that the droner class is unplayable. TL 40 drones were struggling to kill a single Aggressor Captain.

When I asked the hacknet db guy for a Punisher drone he gave me some crappy drone instead.

Mobs still have a lot more health than on Titan. Grims still 2 shot everyone.

I really hope drones and mob health/difficulty gets addressed before Saturday or a large number of returning players are going to be very disappointed. The majority of us are going to be leveling and farming for the new rares. In fact, why not give double XP all weekend?

08-11-16, 02:20
Mobs still have a lot more health than on Titan. Grims still 2 shot everyone.

We're actively looking into mob health and preparing a solution which will come to Vedeena prior to Saturday.

08-11-16, 12:21
Some thoughts:

1. Epic-Reward weapons will be very valuable, in fact they will be the "only" choice before getting a rare.
Afaik, the higher TL normal weapons can't be made all artifact, like currently on the testserver.
The difference e.g. of Tsunami Rifle and Pain Easer is very small.
Aren't the higher TL normal weapons obsolet then?
What is your view on this issue?

2. Will we get a detailed chart or graph with the new non-linear damage progression of weapon TLs and amount of skill points?
Like something " Skill 220, maximum damage at TL 105"?
It is build in, but it is hard to estimate if a weapon TL upgrade is useful or not, if you can't see the damage info (RMB-Info).
Maybe we can get the calculations on a website to put in different skill values of dependencies?