View Full Version : WTB TL-75 Prototype Tangent-Laserbeam

01-11-16, 11:06
Not sure if you can buy this since its an epic faction weapon, but its right at my tech level. WTB!

01-11-16, 21:43
Epic rewards are tradeable and can't be dropped when you die. Are you looking for the rifle, pistol, or cannon? The rifle is probably the best, followed by the cannon; both are great for sniping firemobs or warbots.

01-11-16, 21:56
His last thread was about a cannon, so... ^^.
You can buy this, it's undestructible, full artefact and 'as Drake6k said'.

02-11-16, 00:45
Im good now, ended up getting a 5 slotted tl-81 pasma wave. Off to fire mobs!