View Full Version : Patch R#199-T#244, the Release Candidate!

31-10-16, 15:05
Hi Runners!

With the release of Vedeena patch R#199-T#244 on Saturday evening, Vedeena is now at Release Candidate status! The last three Vedeena patches offered us an opportunity to fix a few bugs, tidy up some loose ends in the background and bring a halt to code changes.

At this point in the development process, we're now declaring the status of code changes on Vedeena as "Titan Ready". Now more than ever your feedback and testing of changes made on Vedeena is crucial. We really do appreciate the time taken to provide us with constructive feedback to ensure the best possible update for Neocron.

In the very near future Neocron will evolve again with the delivery of two patches to Titan, bringing us to patch level 200!

We'll be releasing more information on the run up to Neocron's next evolution over the coming days, so stay tuned.