View Full Version : Your Feedback - Vedeena PVP Event 9/9/16

14-09-16, 21:20
Hi Community,

It's now been just under a week since our PVP event on Vedeena. We had a lot of fun taking part and live streaming (https://www.twitch.tv/officialneocron/v/88464980) the event. More importantly we also received an absolute ton of feedback which we've spent the week using to tweak and adjust the new balance landscape, while adding some finishing touches to some newly rewritten systems.

To ensure we've got the best picture we can get, we're taking the opportunity to reach out here too. Please use this thread to give us your thoughts and feedback on the state of balance during the event and on Vedeena since R#199-T#235 (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?156619-R-199-T-232-235-Patch-Notes). Your feedback here will go a long way to ensure our newly written systems for shields, ballistic weapons, melee weapons and both kinds of PSI are ready for prime time.

We need to know of any bugs you encountered, any weapons you felt were out of line or any gaps you may have felt in your arsenal during the fights. Knowing whether certain aspects "just didn't feel right" also helps us to tweak and refine but please do try and give us as many details as you can.

Your feedback means a lot and with this feedback we can tune the new systems ready for our next event. We'll have more details on that very soon. In the mean time - please do give us your feedback! :)