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31-08-16, 18:12
Patch Notes

A number of Mr Jones missions have been updated in the English, German & French versions of the client, moving them to NST mission technology.
The particle system has been improved.
A new dynamic light particle has been added.
Two new test weapons have been added, to test the impact of new weapons on our balance tooling.
Two new effects have been added.
Updated versions of foliage models have been added.
New PSI Glove models have been added for first person mode.

Known issues

Drones are currently not enabled.
New characters may not start with compatible ammo for their weapons.

With a previous Vedeena patch we decided to postpone all changes on armor and implants, so you can simply copy setups from Titan for testing.

31-08-16, 18:49
The new PSI Glove doesn't look bad, but it feels very different. Hopefully you guys adjust its position.

William Antrim
01-09-16, 20:49
A side by side comparison might have been more useful.

02-09-16, 22:34
Comparison of old and new psi glove, including end of casting animation. Brightness is way up on these, so a little washed out.

I like it! Good job.

Edit: The animation glitches a little at the very end of a cast

02-09-16, 22:36
I fully appreciate the effort you have gone to improve the PSI glove.

However I think adding some variety would be really good.

So for example, could we have different PSI gloves for different models? So as a basic glove that would be fine, but I would really like to see something more technical or advanced looking for the CAG serious and the GAYA glove to reflect the higher TL.

Also would it be possible to add a different animation depending on the module used? Remember the different plasmids in Bioshock? So the glove could glow orange for fire, or for HL have the odd surge of electricity and for the Frost, have a small cloud of cold air blow off the glove, add green mist for poison etc as well as the colour of the orb on the glove itself.

Anyway keep up the good work, it's nice to see things coming together :)

02-09-16, 22:49
The blue particles on the gravity lifts in Plaza 1 do not move up or down, they just sparkle in place. They work fine on Titan.

02-09-16, 23:30
The blue particles on the gravity lifts in Plaza 1 do not move up or down, they just sparkle in place. They work fine on Titan.

Bug found and successfully killed.

03-09-16, 16:04
Hm, new position and movement seems realy awkward to me, too much centered and off-axis (hand seems twisted), bug or made on purpose ?