View Full Version : [R#199] T#203 - Patch Notes

30-05-16, 16:49
A new patch is available for Vedeena.

Gameplay Updates

Legacy code for Skill Influence for weapon damage has been replaced.

Know issues

Some alphas are not working anymore (e.g. tree in the wastelands) they apear just black - We're on it
Some weapons don't do any damage at all as other legacy code effects these. We need your help to track down all weapons which currently do not cause damage.
Damage indicators (numbers above enemy heads) do not always display.

General Crazy
04-06-16, 14:21
Are all weapon types now updated now last I remember hearing was Drones and PSI still needed to be updated to the new weapon damage system?

11-06-16, 22:05
Well all hightech and lowtech cannons don't deal any damage except the rares for instance and melee the same.