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24-11-15, 00:21
Less of a ramble this time.

Endurance is for many players, a somewhat redundant skill. Even with 0 spent in it, boosters can make it up.

A horrible generalisation of course, certain weapons use a lot more than others. And then there's melee....

One issue is that the actual effect on your stamina pool by the END skill is rather small compared to the other factors; only 40%, with 40% being 'Base' and 20% from CON.

A suggestion might be to rework this as 20% Base, 20% CON and 60% END (rough starting figures).
This would mean a choice between dropping points elsewhere or having to rely more on boosters.

That brings us to weapon choice. Should all weapons consume Sta at an equal rate, and if not, what negative/bonus should a low/high Sta using weapon have respectfully?

As for melee, well in either case, the Sta amount needs to come down.

But here's another idea:
10% Base, 20% CON, 50% END and 20% MC?

24-11-15, 10:19
Lets remove endurance already. Or make it meaningful, i.e. as a skill to withstand para/freeze. Endurance as a stamina skill is afaik widely unused. Of course heavy weapons (cannons) need to use up stamina faster than light weapons (pistols, psimodules), while using melee is "naturally" more exhausting than pulling a trigger. so melee fighters will have to eat a lot of stamina boosters, especially when running while fighting. In that respect stamina boosters are for melee fighters, what psi boosters are for monks or ammo is for weapon users. But i have the impression that different melee weapons use up stamina widely different, this could be evened out a bit.

24-11-15, 15:06
How is the amount of stamina depletion for performing actions calculated?
Maybe you could adjust the skill so that the higher your END the less Stam you burn when swinging/sprinting/diving/jumping/etc.

Another option would be the recharge rate of Stamina, or you could introduce a delay to the Stamina regen, that you scale down with higher END.

15-05-16, 21:06
Endurance isn't worth putting points in, but that doesn't mean it should be removed. Extra endurance from implants/armor is always welcome. When trying to balance stuff like WoC PA or MC5 chips, giving extra endurance is a nice convenience type thing and doesn't unbalance pvp. Melee implants should give some endurance (I think they do, but I can't get connect to the test server right now).

I don't know if it should be different for pistols, rifles, and heavy. Possibly make heavy use more stamina? Pistols would use the least. Heavy weapons sadly do not do enough damage on Titan right now, so we would need the weapon re-balancing first. Melee should use the most stamina, like it already does.

I don't think melee combat should give stamina. We already have some confusing skill influences like athletics being 10% of melee damage and tech combat affecting drones. I also don't like the suggested change of reducing the base and con influence to 20% and increasing the influence of endurance to 60%, not without other changes.

Make it so the game refills the bar as stamina boosters (and other consumables) are used. Our bars are full enough. You know what isn't fun? Hitting an empty slot on your bar and putting your weapon away. Having to run and hide or stealth to put more stams on your bar is more shitty than it is gameplay. If this was implemented then I wouldn't mind making endurance more meaningful.

William Antrim
15-07-16, 13:25
Could you make it so that higher endurance means that you get a bonus from stamina boosters? as in the booster right now gives say 100 stamina back but with 20 endurance you could get maybe 110 stamina per booster used? Free stamina effectively. Your body is an engine, it knows how to more efficiently use the fuel you are giving it.

also is it possible that we could have the QB stack ALL of our stamina boosters from our belt into 1 slot on the QB and do the same with medkits? That would help us ALL greatly.

04-08-16, 12:50
I don't think guns should use endurance because they don't take any realistically conceived physical exertion. However, if a weapon is heavier, then I would suppose that it could use more endurance when running with it. Whether equipped or just in the inventory. Maybe just when equipped, but I also think that the weight undertaken should affect the amount of endurance used while moving. It seems logical to me, but spells also do not take any perceived movement, the glove just generates an amount of energy from the palm, while the hand is held up. Although it does show your hands moving a lot when you see it in third person, so it could feasibly take some endurance to do so. As for melee, you could rework it to the weight of the weapon, and it could use less endurance for swing by swing action. Although, I don't see why boosters and healing packs take stamina to use.