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17-06-15, 08:53
Any site have any good template for the differente class.
For example, if i want to build a really good h-c tank where do i put my skill point, what's the max i should put in h-c or weapon lore.

17-06-15, 10:05
Not sure if most published builds are still up to date. Also traditionally NC players are more secretive about their setups, to remain competitive... or some nonsense like that. In other comp games people gladly share their builds, only here shit is kept in the locker for some reason.

As for build making: the floor for skill point distribution is always the requirement of the gun you want to use ofc. As for a ceiling I have been told that THIS (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?136817-Weapon-Discussion-Weapon-Behavior-Influence-Factors) is still up to date.

That is however only the side of the damage output, you have to counterbalance that with resists and speed to your personal preference.

18-06-15, 12:20
should put in h-c or weapon lore.
Main Skill INT, all point into WEP

Main Skill STR, don't use all points on H-C, put some into resists also.

It doesn't make much difference if you have 210 or 250 pints in H-C. But it makes a difference if you have 0 or 50 points in a resist.

18-06-15, 17:46
Thanks. Put that dont tell me what the caps are.

18-06-15, 18:32
there are no hard caps iirc, only diminishing returns. Not sure on runspeed.