View Full Version : Neocronicle: Deadly Tensions in the Wastelands

01-12-14, 20:08
Is there a new kind of conflicts growing in the wastelands? The Neocronicle has received hints from sources familiar to that matter, our Reporter Tudor Vandermeer went on investigating this.

An informant with connections to Neocrons underworld made these pictures available to us and sent in an eyewitness report. Here it is:


As we speak, Gravis Uplink is administrated by the Mutant Faction. I was out there in the swamps to... to do my business, when i noticed fighting noises from near the Vandal settlement at the old ruins near the outpost. Approaching i saw Anarchy Breed Vandals fighting an Experimental Launcher Cyclops and a few Mutant Agressors. I did my best to stay unnoticed you don't want to get into trouble with neither of the groups involved in the fight. I just fear that my... business will be damaged if those wasteland areas become a battleground for warring factions.


This kind of aggression between Mutants and Vandals were unheard of until now. Is this incident connected to the recent defeat of the Anarchy Breed? Are there tensions rising between wasteland groups? Be assured we will investigate further.