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18-11-14, 09:40
Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

We upgraded the source code of Neocron to make use of a newer runtime version. This is highly experimental and needs further testing. You can download the new runtime by following THIS link (http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784).

A bug which leads to a sudden death after 'syncing' should be fixed
A bug with sanctum spells which 'overcasts' better psi manipulations should be fixed
A new option has been added to the Hardware Configuration window, players can now toggle dynamic lighting on Non-Player-Characters
Some new features have been added to the mission system which are not visible for you yet but enable us to create more and better missions
A new category "FEEDBACK" has been added to the bugtracker
A bug was fixed which led to a crash while you create a new character
A bug was fixed which led to a crash while you cast a psi module

Visual Assets

New splash screens were added: NST, REAKKTOR and PEGASUS. Last one is the codename of the Neocron Client, our Framework, the Backend and all developments since we have taken over
A new version of the Non-Player-Character dialog

You feedback is always welcome and saved us a lot of time in the past. Thank you!

Feel free to talk about the patch here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?155900-R-191-T-192-193-194-195-Patch-Discussion&p=2229126#post2229126).