View Full Version : Some rposcolor and rpos tweaks for multiple clients

05-07-14, 21:16
Soooo, i have been having fun with changing the hudcolors in the rpos. Having different colors for each client is really awesome when you're alt tabbing back and forth! Then you immediately can tell which character you're switching to.

However...there is one small problem. Switching from the different hudcolors, the chatcolors are all the same. one theme would have whispers as red, and the next would have your help as red, too. It was confusing.

Sooooo, basically i edited my rposcolor to make the 2, 3, 5, and 7 themes have matching chatcolors.

These are the variables and the settings i edited. I mainly used the ones from theme 5, since they have the highest readability.

SysMessages=255 160 160 160
GameMessages=200 200 0 160
LocalChat=255 124 27 255
GlobalChat=180 230 255 255
TeamChat=180 230 180 255
ClanChat=118 160 180 255
DirectChat=255 178 108 255
ClanChat=150 150 255 255
GlobalChat= 0 255 255 255

Here is the edited rposcolor.ini file, inside of a .zip. Just drop it in your /neocron/ini directory, overwriting the previous one.

I would also back the original up, in case you want to go back.

Just a reminder, remember that there is two ways to change your hudcolor

ingame (but would need to be set each time you load up your client): /set gfx_hudcolor <x>

out of game (loads each time) = Fourth line in your rpos.ini: HUDTheme=<x>