View Full Version : RPOS gfx files

15-12-13, 20:09
Link from sticky post seems to be corrupted (I tried either by FTP software, windows explorer and browser). Can anyone pass me those files again?

05-07-14, 23:33
Any news on this?

06-07-14, 02:41
yeah, looks like i can't seem to find the original gfx files either....but if you want to get some templates to start editing, you can try using the 3 gfx huds here (http://www.techhaven.org/neocron/news/new-rpos-mods-for-neocron.html), and use one of them as a template

Michael Corvin
06-07-14, 13:26
This is the original Package of RPOS Files i downloaded from the official site back in the days when i start working on my RPOS Mods. It should be still up to date.


06-07-14, 14:32
Nice one, thank you!