View Full Version : Deployment #2.x Status Update

07-11-13, 14:06
Dear community,

it is about time for some updates!

After analyzing the data provided by you (thank you very, very much!), we found out that several of assumptions were oversimplifying things too much. We are at the moment implementing and testing the complete and correct set of equations. Once this is done, we will have another deployment in the 2.x series followed by the first tournament on Sparta!

All the time invested by the community and our QA as well as balancing helpers into the Sparta project is nevertheless already starting to pay off: we finally were able to identify the issue with some lower level hacknet weapons as well as psi spells. They will be addressed soon(TM) with patch T#186 which is supposed to arrive at your local testserver dealer soon(TM).

Your Neocron Support Team