View Full Version : S.t.o.r.m Laser question

05-11-13, 16:51
Just how much of a pain is this to get and when got whats the price on it. I hear it takes almost a group to get it. Seems kind of overkill for strength 90 weapon.

05-11-13, 16:59
Well... if you have a PPU it is no problem for you to get one.

Without a PPU it can get tough. If you can AOE, take a grenade launcher. It is possible but sometimes these mad Copbots get stuck in a wall and will kill you even though you are million meters away.
And of course... you will have to hack them :-P

I would go for a PPU then ;-)

Alternatively you can do the Tanget Epic and get that nice Cannon with artifact stats. It almost even outdamages the Creed

05-11-13, 22:17
The Tangent epic is really nice. The storm laser isn't a slouch, but the difficulty to obtain it really impedes the usefulness unless you just magically find a group that is going to Gaia Mine that has all of the resources (ppu, hack) that are necessary.

William Antrim
05-11-13, 23:42
You can get the Storm Laser solo but in a team of two it is much easier to obtain. Get your 2nd player to hack and have your primary damage dealer to be the Tank that is eventually going to use the weapon. Wear full energy armour and enter the Gaia Mine from the seldom used exit where the Storm Bot spawns. Go over the zoneline into the main mine section and lure him and his buddies down from the upper level. Hide around the corner when you have taken a beating and heal and have your 2nd damage dealer pull the aggro away from the healing player. Keep swapping between the two players to keep the damage mitigated.

Alternatively take a good PPU and you can farm storm lasers to your hearts content.

It does not need a group.

It is not difficult to get, it just requires patience (approximately 10 minutes) and good teamwork.

06-11-13, 00:56
The difficulty isn't in the work, it's getting to the point where you can actually do the work. It's just like saying it's not hard to get to DoY. It's not. You just are going to spend a shitload of time doing so, if you don't already have the resources you need or a set of friends that can help.
Time != difficulty. Organization of individuals, and execution of a plan is.

William Antrim
06-11-13, 16:53
You dont need to go down the entirety of gaia mine to get to the Stormbot. You can just quite literally go in the back door.

08-11-13, 22:35
The "back door" being where exactly?

09-11-13, 00:26
G-13 end of middle road

William Antrim
09-11-13, 06:16
Zoneline there to use for hide and heal tactics vs stormbot. You lose the cash when you zone but you still get a storm laser when he dies. So yes soloable.