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16-10-13, 08:18
Dear Runners!

First of all, the Neocron Support Team wants to thank you for your enormous effort regarding the testing of the latest changes. You guys are awesome!
Based on your feedback, coupled with our internal QA efforts we made the following changes:

Adjusting the DPM curve

Why are you changing this?
We realised the DPM for high level weapons was too low compared to weapons with lower Techlevel. Our initial goal was it to make the lower Techlevel weapons more useful ( > TL75) in PvP and we want to keep to this idea. However there are more factors correlating with damage than just damage factor and frequency, causing an unexpected outcome: lower TL weapons being more useful than higher TL weapons. Therefore we adjust the DPM-gain per techlevel again.

You can see the revised curve below:


What consequences might there be?
We could now have the problem the other way around. Rare Weapons could now do more damage than intended. This is an ongoing process. When we see that the slope of the curve at certain points is now too high or still too low we will have to change our formula again. Tweaking this curve will be a continuous process.

What needs to be done to finish/complete this change?
Testing, Testing and more Testing (see the next point).

How do we test this?
This is a very important part. A lot of questions were raised regarding "What should we test and how can we give feedback?"

First of all, all feedback is good feedback. Do not hesitate to contribute and write in the corresponding deployment discussion. We will read every post and take your feedback. More information on "How to test" will be given Soon™.

What to expect: ​What we need is a basis for all the players and testers. We are working on a solution to provide you with an effective method for testing, which will help us to compare your input more easily.

Lowered Stamina Use of Melee Weapons

Why are you changing this?
Stamina use by melee weapons is very high, much higher than the other weapon types. Aside from being unfair from gameplay perspective, melee users have to refill their Quick Belts more often and obtain boosters more frequently, which is frustrating. It also means the cost in either money or recycling time is higher than ammo using classes.

What consequences might there be?
We doubt that the melee tank will get a big boost because of this change but nevertheless the change can come with problems. Since Melee Tanks do not have to reload and they have no ammunition, they have a clear advantage. One of the measures to counter this advantage is the higher use of Stamina and the need of taking boosters.

What needs to be done to finish/complete this change?
This change is only part of a bigger rework of the melee tank. Please test melee tanks in 1vs1 engagements.

How do we test this?
Some melee weapons use more Stamina than others. Time how long it takes to deplete your stamina pool. Also compare this with non-melee weapons, especially heavy weapons.

Stay tuned. We've got rewards, we've got action! An announcement is incoming with further details, very Soon™.

Please discuss Deployment #2 in the new dedicated discussion thread (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?154048-Deployment-2-Discussion).

All the best,​
Your Neocron Support Team.