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04-10-13, 20:35
Runners... The time has come to launch Sparta!

What do we need to know? How do we help?

Sparta is the Neocron Balancing Project server. It will be used solely for balancing small sections of the Neocron Experience at a time. Once all of the changes in a 'Deployment' have been discussed, PvP/PvE tested, and everyone is happy, that Deployment will make it's way to Titan.

Changes to Balance on Sparta will be made ‘on-the-fly’.

With Sparta we have developed a system which allows us to 'inject' changes, without the need of a traditional patch. For example, if we wanted to make Melee Combat weapon condition last longer, we can inject that change without you needing to download a patch. This means we can be a lot more flexible and agile when making changes. Basically if we need to, we can make changes during a testing session.

Due to this 'on-the-fly' change mechanic, we will clearly list all changes made in each set (we call these 'Deployments'), so you all know what has changed and what to test.

Sparta will generally operate in a very similar manner to Vedeena. As such any levels gained, items obtained, WoC levels reached or special items acquired will only be usable on Sparta. No progress will be saved as this is strictly a testing environment. Titan remains the only normal (or 'Retail') Neocron Game Server.

Sparta will host balance changes for testing. Vedeena will host content and feature changes for testing. Titan is the destination of all these changes and is where you need to be to play Neocron.

Each Deployment made to Sparta will be detailed in this dedicated forum, all discussions related to the balancing project will also be found here. With each set of changes we will aim to give you a few days to test the changes, followed by a GM hosted PvP Event/Tournament. After each event we will provide an additional feedback thread so we can gather your thoughts, suggestions and opinions. With all feedback received we then prepare the next Deployment.

Hopefully the above goes a long way to answering your questions and queries. We're very excited to reach this stage and look forward to working closely with our Community to make Neocron the best it has ever been.

All the best,
Your Neocron Support Team