View Full Version : Test requests - 9-Sept-2013 [R#184-T#188]

10-09-13, 19:56
Quite frequently the Neocron Support Team is asked what needs testing?

To help guide the community we plan to put a test request post here in the Testing and Development forums. We would very much welcome any testing and feedback. If something doesn't work, tell us! However if something does work, please also tell us that as well.

Here are the current areas we would like more testing in.


Testing of researching and storing rares with old parts (Before patch R#184|T#187) and new parts. (Please leave feedback here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?152308-R-184-T-188-Rare-parts-not-stacking-or-rares-that-cannot-be-constructed))
Building rares from old parts (Before patch R#184|T#187) and parts gathered after this patch. (Please leave feedback here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?152308-R-184-T-188-Rare-parts-not-stacking-or-rares-that-cannot-be-constructed))
Any feedback on beam weapons and PvP


How well can you level in the Twilight Guardian Canyon as a newbie. Don't forgot to test the Very Easy and Easy Citycom missions.


Test the NCPD run.