View Full Version : Help needed: Rare parts testing on Vedeena

11-08-13, 22:29
In the next PTS patch there are going to be some changes to the way rare parts stack in game. The exact details of the stacking changes will be published in the patch notes.

Before we can patch this change we need your help to prepare to test this change before the next patch is applied.

This is how you can help. We would like players get a collection of ressed and un-ressed rare parts. You can use your existing collection of rare parts for this test, or you can create a new collection of rare parts.

In the NeoConstruct there is a set of NPC’s who give out un-ressed rare parts. Please use these NPC’s to help you build a collection of parts.

When building your collection of rare parts please can you at least.

Have single ressed parts of an item.
Have multiple un-ressed parts of an item.
Have single un-ressed parts of an item.
Have multiple ressed parts of an item.
Keep a few ressed and un-ressed parts in your inventory.
Try and keep a note of what un-ressed parts you have.

Thanks for the help. :)

William Antrim
12-08-13, 19:13
You just want me to res a load of parts on the Test Server then? After I have got them from the NPC. Thats all I need to do and then you can test stuff behind the scenes? Is that correct or will you let me keep the parts on retail as my reward.... o/ :)

Dribble Joy
12-08-13, 21:10
I'm guessing he means get a whole load of techs, res ones that are stacked but leave some of them. Then once the patch hits I am guessing the intention is that the remaining unressed collapse back into a single stack so people can't tell which unressed ones are which for when it goes to retail.

12-08-13, 21:45
All you need to do for now is get a mix of both ressed and un-ressed. A small pool of parts is fine.

The main aim of the testing is when the patch comes along is to make sure the stacking changes don't break existing collections of rare parts.

12-08-13, 23:29
Ready on my part

10-09-13, 05:09
Saw the sticky; thought I'd try to break some rare stacks... but I can't find the rareparts dealer in neoconstruct. Have they been removed, or am I blind?

10-09-13, 11:02
The NPC's have been removed since they no longer function with the current patch (R#184-T#188)

If you need rare parts, at this time you will need to hunt for them. I hope to bring back the rare parts NPC vendors in the next test patch.

In the mean time, keep you eye open for a post later today on what to test. We still need more testing with the rares.