View Full Version : [R#184-T#186] Testserver Patch Discussion

23-07-13, 00:27
Cheers runners,

feel free to discuss the current testserver patch here. The corresponding patch notes may be found here (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?152051-R-184-T-186-PTS-Patch-Notes).


Ivan Eres
23-07-13, 10:27
Good work, again. Thank you Alduin.

It's nice to see that an implementation is being reconsidered and a better alternative is chosen.

23-07-13, 10:58
Keep up the great work. I love how you guys are bring back some the old stuff to NC. I really gotta get playing again. I really want to do a Let's Play series now that I got a new Mic/Hardware but frigan got so many things on my plate.