View Full Version : Pricecheck (Special Science, Redeemer, Pain Easer)

11-07-13, 13:10

Anyone can give me a guess of what the value is on these.

Special Science..
Redeemer (2-ish slots and at least not horrible stats)
Pain Easer (same here, 2-ish slots)

Asking since i have a SS and kinda need rifles better, and i thought id check if there is a market.


11-07-13, 13:29

Special Science is between 1.5M and 2.5M

Redeemer is a High End PvE so it's between 1.25M and 2M for a non artifact.
And 2.5M-3.5M for an artifact one with ammo.

Pain Easer is leveling gear so it's between 0.75M-1.25 for non artifact.
And 1.5M-2M for an artifact one with ammo.

If you ever need a rifle ultima (+16% freq/hand/range) it cost 500K on the market.

Though prices are not set in stone, it'll depend on who you deal with.

Good luck.

11-07-13, 15:28
Thank you, a very good and even more informative answer then i asked for :)

So it might be viable to get a pretty ok Redeemer in exchange if i deside not to keep the SS.
Provided there is an opportunity that is.

I have read the trade channel some but honestly getting a feel for what price is fair is sometimes really hard, so that answer was nice.

Edit: Where does the ultimas come from, havent seen any parts of them (like in the old days) so i figure they do drop..


11-07-13, 19:10
Ultima mods drop from DOY tunnels along with slotenhancers.

The deeper you go (level 1/2/3) the better are the slotenhancers, which at level 3 are the "illegal" slotenhancers (+3 slots guanranteed on non-rare craft).

You need a hacker for most mobs and a good team with AOE and heals. Or just drones.

11-07-13, 21:04
Thanks, i didnt know they dropped there, allways nice to learn new stuff from a game this old :)


William Antrim
13-07-13, 18:56
Surfer you should be able to pick up parts to both of those guns relatively easily if not the full guns. They are quite commonly used weapons.

14-07-13, 01:19
That is probably true, William, but i have collected rares a while now and some groups are almost magically empty :)

But ill have to get a grip and get me the remaining parts from the Redeemer, that is the ideal weapon im after, the PE isnt really optimal.

Its summer now so in a few weeks ill have a serious go at it..


William Antrim
14-07-13, 12:19
When I have a minute I will see what parts I might have in our collection. If any are useful I will pm you.