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12-03-13, 22:36
Please bring your general feedback from tonight's PvP & Stability Test about the performance of the interpolation, run speed and other Test Server only changes to this thread.

For any bugs you have encountered, please create new bug reports as normal!

Thanks to all taking part!

13-03-13, 00:30
Wie bereits in meinem Thread erwähnt, die Characktere haben keine Flüssige Bewegung und Microruckeln was das aiming sehr erschwert.
Ansonsten fand ich die Stabilität weitestgehend gut, bis auf diverse härtere lags und längere Synchs.

13-03-13, 03:20
My thoughts.

First off it was a nice event. Making sure people had no retail client on did make a few people mad or just decide to log on to another game like LOL or DOTA. But i think when logging back in at one point i saw the pop go upto about 15% what is a good number considering normal server pop reaches about 30-40% max that i have ever seen.

The speed cap seemed high enough that it didnt make it massively easy to aim, but also didnt make it impoisible. Though as someone who isnt that experienced at PVP or at least having only droned since comming back for PVP so using different mechanics. I would guess many people would consider people were running slow. BUT the thing i didnt see that normally seems to happen is i didnt see any warping. This is where people are running along then suddenly slow down for about a second then dash off at about 3X the speed they can actually run. This was happening a lot before with certain chars who were 95+speed then using drugs to get above at a guess 100.

What ya mean by Interpolation i am unsure though.

William Antrim
13-03-13, 11:03
Interpolation is to do with positioning of runners in relation to each other. Where the server thinks you are and where you think you are compared to everyone else.

The warping effect is (I believe) due to the server and client having different ideas about where the player is.

On a side note but also related - does this mean that some of the PVE issues will be fixed? Corpses not being in the right place and the like? (Hoverbots and Warbots mostly).

13-03-13, 13:33
I couldn't take part long enough because my ping was really bad. But I can make my judgements based on the fights in canyon.

Even Zoltan who has the highest speed was aimable. Weapon damage didn't seem to high. 1on1s still took some time which was good.
The interpolation seemed to be fine. I never experienced any warping or unfluent movement.

13-03-13, 15:04
All sounds very promising.

13-03-13, 16:40
what i noticed was in the beginning the entire server was very laggy. i was at ceres mine while clanmates were still in neoconstruct and everyone noticed lag at the same time. when the lag would happen there would be a quick pause in action (like less than one second) then superspeed for a second or 2. that happend alot at the beginning of the fight, but hardly happend later on. not sure if it was because the test server isnt used to that many people on at one time or what. all in all it was alot of fun, good to see some first timers on the ts, their questions were funny and had a few laughs while answering on help. keep up the good work guise!

13-03-13, 20:00
I only experienced Neoconstruct. Though now I have a character ready for the next test session. And to all that helped me getting around, poking me and giving replies to my questions, I want to say thank you.

13-03-13, 21:06
for me was all fine.. only some guys warped every 5 sek 1-2m.. dont know if it was only the ping because he was on ~150-200

14-03-13, 03:42
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