View Full Version : PvP and Stability Test on Vedeena - 12/03/2013 DMY - 7:00pm UTC

12-03-13, 15:45
We need your help by testing the current improvments in the netcode, speed calculation and stability on our testserver Vedeena.

Please make sure that you have a ready testserver game client if not take a look here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?146414-How-to-get-on-the-Testserver!).

Hint: We will shutdown Titan for this period for maintainance.

We'll happy to see you on Vedeena :)

12-03-13, 17:09
Sounds good! What's the ETA on the maintenance?

12-03-13, 18:23
Maybe its a good idea to put updates like this in the top announcements to :P because personally i never look below the german forums.. din't even know there was another announcement forum there.

But how long will this maintainance last? I was planning on doing some things tonight but when the server is down thats going to be rough..

12-03-13, 19:30
Haha Zoltan, nice idea :)

Invite everybody to test the fixes and improve the player count by shutting down the retail.
He knows about the obsession of the community to play nc :D
Brilliant Zoltan ;) See you on the test server

12-03-13, 19:34
KILLER;2205701']Maybe its a good idea to put updates like this in the top announcements to :P
Done. :)

12-03-13, 20:08
Lol I can imagine it...

1. Titan shuts down.
2. "I ain't playing no test".
3. 5 minute passes.
4. Eyelid starts twiching.
5. 5 more minutes passing.
6. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" and logs in to test server.

13-03-13, 13:26
How'd the testing go then? Carnage all over p2?