View Full Version : Another BOUNTY offered!

07-03-13, 23:47
TARGET: Mitchee

REWARD : 125k/confirmed kill (to a max of four kills)


1. Screenshot of the kill
2. Send him a direct message containing "A present from Red Rover"
3. Tags
4. Doing some vulgarities to his corpse is encouraged, but not mandatory. Be creative.

This contract is open to anyone. Contact Red Rover for the reward after the kill is confirmed.

Dribble Joy
07-03-13, 23:50
Skulls is on the case.

08-03-13, 01:13
What's the backstory to the hit? Just curious what this guy did lol

Ivan Eres
08-03-13, 02:24
What's the backstory to the hit? Just curious what this guy did lol

I just talked to Mitchee in game. He didn't know about the hit :)

Yeah, backstory please ! :D

08-03-13, 03:03
Mitchee bought some stuff "on a loan". However, not paying, sneaking out, and putting me on ignore is not very polite. Call it scamming if you will. Thus, just setting an example. You can call me names, blow a rhino from under my ass, but don't mess with me while trading. Business is business.

17-03-13, 16:45
Is it still up to date? :D


If yes please feel free and give the money to a PRO-CITY Beginner Char or support one of the active pro city clans like fusion, TGM, FF with the 125k tip :-P

08-04-13, 17:17
Hah, we kill him in Regants all the time.
I'll remember this next time.