View Full Version : [T#182] PTS Patch Notes

03-03-13, 22:51
Hello runners,

this patch is mainly aimed at tweaking interpolation again. So please focus testing on PvP, especially beam weapons. Important is also testing the new vehicle ruleset (see here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?147471-T-181-PTS-Patch-Notes)), as well as buffing law enforced players by non law enforced players.

Technical changes

Proper fix for HN NPCs not dealing damage
Fixed parsing of default options for several NPCs
Fixed a buffer overflow when updating world actors
Raised Neocron's bandwidth limitations
Fixed several reasons for invisible damage
Fixed an error which lead to items dropping from the trade window back into the player's inventory
Music should now play independent of the windows compatibility mode setting
Interpolation paths have been smoothed
The damage of beam weapons should now be calculated correctly

Gameplay changes

Law enforced players are now buffable by non law enforced players, but not vice versa!
The existing speed cap has been adjusted so speed tapers off more dramatically at higher livels of agility and athletics. Players with extreme speed setups will see a reduction of speed.

The discussion thread corresponding to this patch can be found here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?147695-T-182-Testserver-Patch-Discussion).

Your Neocron Support Team