View Full Version : [T#181] PTS Patch Notes

15-02-13, 00:47
Hello runners,

after we moving Vedeena to a new server and updating its launcher frontpage, we have also published a new patch. This patch is based on R#180. Therefore you need to delete your old testserver client and make a copy of your current retail client. After doing so, edit your updater.ini (to be found inside the ini subfolder of your client) and change the HOMEURL setting to read: "HOMEURL=http://testserver.neocron-game.com/". Without the quotation marks of course ;)

Gameplay changes

Vehicles are always attackable by non-led players
Led players are not able to attack vehicles
The le status of the gunner determines whether he can attack other non-led players

Or to put it in other words: the law enforcer only protects the runner himself, not his belongings!

Technical changes

Used an approach similar to splines to smooth interpolation
Fixed several exploits
Fixed hacknet mobs not dealing damage

Please focus your attention on the hacknet mobs, as well as on the new vehicle ruleset. Also have a look at the new interpolation and tell us whether it needs more love. (A comparison video would be awesome ;) ). The discussion thread corresponding to this patch can be found here (http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?147472-T-181-Testserver-Patch-Discussion).

Your Neocron Support Team