View Full Version : Open letter to Commander in Chief

05-02-13, 13:24
Subject: Alliance with R.E.D.

Dear Commander Sturm,

I've come to write this letter because there was some uproar in the past hours and I wanted to avoid you needing to contact me, or my clan.
First let me assure you, that we, the clan Last Generation, do know the goals and ideals of the City Administration and we hope you know our devotion to these. We also see all enemies of the City Administration as our personal enemies, fighting them wherever and whenever we can. We hate those scum to the bone. This scum prowling in our streets; stealing our money, our time, our health.

We did so when we were fighting against R.E.D. over the control of Krupp outpost. When RSC appeared and attacked both sides, we saw a golden opportunity and we took it. We forged a contract, an alliance, with R.E.D. and FUSION who joined shortly after. The alliance with a Black Dragon clan may be seen as a shame and dishonourable. But like in chess, the king needs it's pawns and this alliance will not last any femtosecond longer than we need them.

We live in times we need every man who can fight and if we get enemies to act as cannon fodder, we gratefully should accept that, since one of them may die instead of one of us. If you see this indeed as dishonourable, we take that burden. We're willing to sacrifice our honour for a greater purpose.
Offering all that we have and more to be victorious for Reza.
For Neocron.
For the people.


Last Generation