View Full Version : Looking For some rare techs

21-01-13, 23:15
Hi guys I am here looking for a few parts hopefully someone can help me out I recently came back to NC after an 6 years lol so I have no rare weapons anyways heres my list of the parts im struggling to get atm,

Creed - Comp
Doombeamer - Frame
Ravager - Tech - ATP
Cursed Soul - ATP
Moonstriker - Hull
Equilibrium of Forces - Tech - ATP

I am willing to trade and have my rares posted under the same name if you have any of these parts feel free to DM me ingame thankyou

22-01-13, 12:39
Check out the THN Blue Pages - http://rares.techhaven.org/blue-pages.php

Might just find what you are looking for :)

22-01-13, 13:09
...And don't forget the part search - http://rares.techhaven.org/search.php