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14-12-12, 20:34
I'm looking to get my hands on a startup rifle, I have a little bit of cash to pay you but not much. I don't require anything special just something to get started.

You can reply here or look me up in game: Eirikr Lawson

William Antrim
14-12-12, 21:34
You should begin the game with a starter rifle for your class if you have picked one of the default sniper type classes. If so a player can get it remade for you for less than 500 nc I believe. It is pocket change to many people. Just ask in game I think most will do it for free. It will come out at 99% stats by most constructors now too.

Anyway welcome to nc!

14-12-12, 22:12
make it from 5 wood and 1 metal pipe (find all those in crates and boxes) by recycling, skill needed: 2.

15-12-12, 07:06
Ask for me in game on help or trade and if im around I will Build you the weapons you need free of charge as I do for all low level chars :)

15-12-12, 11:41
I appreciate the info/help guys, thanks!

Faid, I'll be tracking you down at some point today (if time allows)

See you on the streets guys

William Antrim
15-12-12, 15:27
If you haven't caught up with faid by Sunday just look for one of the earps and I will help out too.