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Marketplace Info
06-11-12, 20:10
Hi There,
i'm searching for these Parts:

Tech Disruptor
Comp Healing Light
Addtech Silent Hunter

Hull Fire Apocalypse
Frame Holy Deflection
Core Holy Absorption

Core Winding Argument
Hull/Core Cursed Soul

Tech Special Forces

Lots of Parts to Trade (over 2500 Parts & MC5 Parts)
THN Bluepages -> Honey/Last Generation

Originally posted by Joslyn Darkston on the ingame forums on TITAN

21-10-14, 08:39
Hey. I have some ressed parts. I'm interested in your searching. Please, email me or DM me when I'm online to Piotr Asiimov. I'm pleased to trade or sell you the parts. I think i have some parts of the list.

Kane Gregory
23-10-14, 14:54
Hey Yassel,
look at the date it's two years ago.

LGs db can be found here: http://rares.techhaven.org/listings/grogor/titan