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24-10-12, 21:22
The Patchnotes for the current #175 on the testserver! Kudos to the whole Neocron Support Team and our beloved community!

Hot Fix T#176
Temporarily disabled Stealth Tools which cause connection issues to the server

Technical changes:

Fixed numerous exploits and vulnerabilities
Fixed a bug that stopped Neocron from launching when certain applications are open ("Chrome Bug")
Fixed a crash on alt+tab in wastelands in fullscreen mode
Fixed the main menu going black on alt+tab in fullscreen mode
Fixed a crash caused by neocron.ini not being writable
Fixed an issue with team xp calculation
Fixed combat rank not always being updated
Fixed a bug that allowed overcasting of stronger shields.
Fixed low level drones being very hard to use
Changed the way interpolation is handeled ("clipping fix")
Fixed a bug that caused the HUD not being rendered on screenshots
Screenshots are now saved as .jpg
Fixed a bug that caused the HUD to reset to default state after a crash
Removed legacy elements from the HUD (e.g.: recover bagpack)
Fixed misalignment of worldmap at widescreen resolutions (fullscreen mode)
Fixed culling problems with widescreen resolutions (fullscreen mode)
Fixed misaligned outpost signs
Added widescreen resolutions to the launcher configuration panel
Added Anisotropic Filtering, configurable via the launcher configuration panel
Dropped support for DirectX 7

Content changes:

Turned around CopBot staring at the wall in Plaza Sector 1 (after 8 years, the wall wins)
Temporarily disabled area drones
Temporarily removed outpost turrets
Added TL92 Tangent Assault Pulselaser Pistol to high level tech pistol vendor
Added TL63 Gatlin Cannon to high level low tech cannon vendor
Added permenant spawn for the Outzone 2 High Tech Cannon Smuggler
Added entrance to the Drone Racetrack
Added RN Terminals to Crahn HQ
Replaced Outzone Station ambient sound
Removed OOC advertisement from the Plaza area
Fixed a conflict between Reza's Calling & Regant's Faith Missions
Fixed spawn of Heff in TG Canyon.
Fixed spawn of Malfunctioning Warbot Prototype in the MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission
Fixed drop rate of fragment from Tacholytium Titan Warbot for Crahn Epic mision #4. Now always drops for those with the mission.
Fixed a large number of wrong object types (e.g.: CityComs being tagged as chairs)
Fixed position and alignment for a large number of static objects and NPCs
Fixed many more miscellaneous gameworld issues

28-10-12, 19:20
Again: this is not yet a release candidate for retail 175! We will enable and disable stuff as needed to focus testing.


Tweaked the loading screen a bit
Reenabled all stealth tools (resolved crash issue)
Reenabled all drones (NPCs now target drones correctly)
Tweaked interpolation ("clipping fix")
Added mission NPC to grant XP needed for WoC5
Added several missing vendors to Neocronstruct

Please test the improved interpolation and the drone safespotting fix as extensively as possbile! Also everything else still needs much testing, the more you test, the earlier this patch will reach gold status!


12-11-12, 21:01
This is still not yet a release candidate!


Tweaked interpolation ("clipping fix")
Increased position update rate
Position update now always contains the y coordinate


20-11-12, 00:49

Fixed a reloading bug
Reduced the intensity of visual interference when Drones are being damaged
Fixed clan account money transfer issues
Fixed truncation of entries inside error.log
Slightly tweaked player interpolation (should not get stuck in hackterms anymore)
Fixed NPCs getting stuck
Fixed possible server crashes and vulnerabilities
Casting should be more fluent now
Altered CR calculations


26-11-12, 21:28
This patch is mainly adressed at serversided problems.


Several fixes on the server side
Fixed Venture Warp returning players to appartment
Added timestamps to the damage log
Filtered the error messages which tell players to be reported asap to only contain important ones