View Full Version : Buying All Unressed Techs 50k ea

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28-09-12, 23:50
Buying all unressed techs 50k ea

Originally posted by Bazer on the ingame forums on TITAN

29-09-12, 15:09
Getting some views but no replys ;) dont be shy.

Doc Holliday
29-09-12, 15:34
We need to go farming some time baz. just a question of figuring out what to farm for techs because your apu :)

29-09-12, 15:49
Im thinking a Rhino at fire mobs :D

Doc Holliday
29-09-12, 19:32
ok. u level your tank and i will lom a driver ;)

damien vryce
29-09-12, 20:01
im deffo in on that with ya of course not till start of week :/

10-01-15, 07:43
Need Woc Disk.. got much to trade.. pm at forum