View Full Version : Construction and Research leveling questions...

23-09-12, 06:22
I know that there is a decent "How To" guide for Constructors a few threads down, so this is mostly for Researching.

If I were to make a Constructor and/or Researcher, what is the "easiest/best" Faction to start out in for items that help me do my job better.

Do you flip flop to other factions for chips/gloves? Do you do epics for items? Do you jsut buy/get blue prints for certain items without the need for flip flopping?

Like.. I start out as a Scientist for BioTech. Do the jones missions, get the FSM stuff for Biotech, then change to Fallen Angels, do the epic, etc...

Also, do you just sit in your HQ and do missions until a certain level? Do you just use weapons until a certain rank, then LOM over to your Construction/Research job?

I know there are tons of ways to get all the top stuff you need, but how do YOU do it for Constructor and Researcher?

23-09-12, 07:01
i have been told FA is the easiest for doing missions i will make how ever many cubes of the highest tl i can then turn them in and repeat then again i am insane and capped my resser on terra with out ever loming lol