View Full Version : HELP! starting the Nc launcher freezes my computer

11-09-09, 16:10
hi, im trying to return to nc but when i start the nc launcher my pc totally chrashed just a total freeze no more movement not even a BSOD or anything.
i've been having this problem for some time with other applications too like some small steam games like plants vs zombies demo and some other games like cs2D just to give an idea. i used to be able to run nc fine on this pc, but i dont know what happened in the time i was away so maybe someone knows whats going on and can help me.
even after a full format it keeps comming back, im thinking busted grafics card but other games like cs and l4d run fine and seemless.i also think i might have something to do with the stuff the launcher runs on like flash or whatever but not sure as i dont have any knowledge about programming stuff.

help will be greatly appreciated ^^

11-09-09, 17:31
try installing the newest drivers from ur gfx card manufacturers website, and if ur playing on vista, look through the forums for the vista thread

12-09-09, 00:53
nvm i found the problem somehow my firewall make stuff crash