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19-01-09, 17:31
Where do we come from? Do we even know all about our history?

I don’t think so, because there are still gaps in our history, unaccounted for and forgotten.

Well I am glad to tell you, one of these gaps has been filled.
I've been personally informed by a N.E.X.T employee, that they have found some historic artefacts down in the subway tunnels, during the regular repair tasks.

This information made me curious. I wanted to know what N.E.X.T had found. I did not give up until I was able to get an interview with Mr. TribeholZ, the new faction Chairman of N.E.X.T and CEO of FREAK Brothers Inc.

Well I can say it is really amazing what they found down there.

Here a small excerpt from the interview with Mr. TribeholZ:

“Mr. TribeholZ is it true N.E.X.T has found historical artefacts down in the Subway tunnels below our City?”

“Correct that’s the truth. We've found, during support tasks in a tunnel below the Outzone, some bones, old weapons and old junk.
BUT our Field service staff dug out some awesome artefact aswell.
At first look it seemed like we have found another mass grave from Thor's tribe, murdered and buried by Crahn.

“Oh my God more graves!? Every Crahn has to burn!”

“ *smiles*
We handled it really carefully, pulled out every single piece and there it was, a huge Statue of a warrior with some text on it.
Panem et Circences
May the bravest win

This words made our scientists curious so they digged deeper and found more information.

“Don’t hold it back tell us everything”

“Well it wasn't a burial-place. Hell no it was a place for tournaments we found.
Thor's soldiers made public fights in there to keep active and be well trained.
Yes! it was public. Everyone where able to see the battles.

“ But they made “fake” fights?!

“ Oh no!all the bones tell us they had fights for life or death. No fakes.
“But isn't that stupid? This would drop the soldier amount rapidly. Why the hell should Thor allow something like that?

“Well I am not clear about Thors' reasons for such deadly games. All I can say that games happened really often and for a long time.
I've spoken to my buddy Garfield, he's a Tangent Tech Soldier. I told him all the stuff what we've found and what it is ect ect.
I asked him why should a soldier take part at such Games, risk his life for nothing.
*grinses again* oh my god he got such a weird shining in his eyes and just said:
"Fights?! Hm games you said!? Till death….. hm…. I have to sit down and think….. brabelbrabel.. hm can you order a pizza please I can't think when I starve hm games……"

*laughs* He left me even before the pizzaboi kanedax arrived. There came no answer from Garfield yet. He is a Gentank. I am not sure if his mind can handle that kind of information

*TribeholZ phones rings*
“Aloha, yes REALY!? Ok am on the way”
Sorry but we have to interrupt the interview. The supervisory board need my attendance at a major meeting. Contact my secretary for another date so we can continue.

“ Of course I will.thank you for the interview Mr TribeholZ and good luck for your job as Chairman”

So now we see there are many more things about the history of Neocron we don’t know yet.
Hopefully someday we can fill more gaps in History.

20-01-09, 22:03
Lol, dairy. I just wanna know why Kanedax couldn't be interviewed. I IS GUD WARRIOR

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Very nice read ;)

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Pics or it didn't happen.

22-01-09, 17:15
I suggest you writing this as an article for the Neocronicles. Last time I heard they are waiting for community written articles to publish.

Check this (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?t=143322) post and you can read more about it!


27-01-09, 17:40
For the first interview with Mr. TribeholZ, I’ve got a Job as a Trial-reporter at Neocronicle and can finance my studies from now on without selling my body at the Pepper Park.
Finally it concludes with all the disgusting things I used to do for the Pimps.

After many unsuccessful attempts to get an new appointment with Mr. TribeholZ, I finally managed to get more to information on the excavations.
Unfortunately I could not meet with the new NEXT faction chairman since he is currently very busy. I instead met with one of his main employees.

Mindy M.:
"Mr. Richard L. King what position do you occupy in NEXT?"

Richard L. King:
"I am responsible for communication between NEXT and all the groups we get orders from.”

"That sounds like your job would be a not very exciting one" * Smiles *

Richard L. King:
"Oh, my dear, we mostly do very sensitive deliveries i.e. carry TT weapons for CA and the CM.
Each delivery is different and requires individual protection, for what I have to uphold.
The whole sequence of such a delivery is expected from me and coordinated with the respective faction representative.”

"Many of these weapons / data deliveries are carried out?"

"Enough. More precise information I cannot give. The details are strictly confidential and we must protect them from raids from allies of the Dome of York. "

"Understandable. Well enough of your job, let us talk about the artefacts you found.
Your engineers have found new? Other items were found?
Are similar excavations being continued, possibly, at other Locations? "

"Many more new insights, we could hardly believe. As already my boss Mr. TribeholZ has reported, it is in reference to an old "event" of Thor’s people.
In memory of these events, Garfield has recently organized similar games.
However, our service personnel have reported further finds in other parts of the metro line.
Recently a very old, sealed, metal box was found.
Perhaps property of a Crahn monk . "

"An old crate? Not very spectacular, I would say.
Did it have any contents? "

"There are surviving diaries and records concerning the construction of Neocron inscribed on to the ruins of Thor’s village.
Our scientists are still at work with the translation of the text.
But as far as we can tell it, the diaries are about how Crahn fought against Thor and his people.
If we believe the writings, Crahn had massive problems fighting the warriors of Thor.

"But Crahns Monks, were thanks to their psi forces, vastly superior ?

"Mentally for sure, also tactically.
But they can not cope with the physically stronger warriors.
As soon as they were close, they were shredded on their swords and claws!

But finally Crahn won this war. * Sad sigh *

"Because they did it well.
The monks have learned to protect themselves, in teams and do well against the warriors.
Thanks to their passive psi abilities they were able to compensate the speed and power of Thor’s militants, and after this they defeat them.

"Neocron history is very bloody * laugh *.
What have they found on the construction of Neocron City? "

"Unfortunately, nothing concrete yet. As I said, our scientists are still working on the text.
To date, I can only report about the struggle which the Psi monks had fighting against the Melee tanks. "

"Please will you keep me up to date about what’s going on?
Our readers certainty want to know more about the past. "

"Don’t we all?
I will do my utmost and give as much information as possible to you.
However now I should go back to work,
We are now preparing to deliver top secret weapon plans to the City Merc HQ. If they fall into the wrong hands this could have devastating consequences. Oops! You will not publish this? "

"That we will see.
The citizens of Neocron have a right to know!
Nevertheless, many thanks for your time and all the details.
Please send TribeholZ and Garfield greetings from me

"Hmm, one moment. Have I met you before?
Do you have a sister working in the Pepper Park?

To be continued ... ... ....

08-02-09, 17:54
Dear Diary,

Many rumours are making the rounds at the moment.
Some of them are obviously untrue but there is one I believe to be based in fact.
It has come to my ears that the N.E.X.T Faction assistant Richard L King has been kidnapped by the Twilight Guardian.
One of my secret sources told me that he is held prisoner and is being interrogated at a secret TG Camp somewhere in the WasteLands.
The only possible reason for this abduction may be just as the Dome of York planned, by all means, to prevent the Tangent weapon delivery to the City Mercs.
What is this supply, I can not say exactly yet. No official wants to make a confirmation about this delivery.

I did find out that the NCPD and City Admin troops are beginning to mobilize.
This can indicate that the exact whereabouts of Richard L King are known and it soon a liberation mission will happen.
Let's hope this turns not just into a new war, although it probably has never been a better time.
The Twilight Guardian troops are still very weak and their allies only squabble and worry about their own interests.


09-02-09, 16:28
After a spectacular action, by Tangent Technology security forces "After Dark", Richard L King was successfully delivered from the Twilight Guardian .
As it is been reported to me it was a very bloody fight, After Dark has suffered heavy losses, but they were able to raid the heavy Secured TG camp and slaughter their guards .

Richard L King was immediately taken to a top secret hidden place and is now under the protection of After Dark.

I wonder why this action was carried out by Tangent.
What is with the NCPD and City Admin happening? are their troops incompetent?

I will try to get more information.
Maybe I can coax some secrets out of Tangents Faction Chairman, Mr. Kanedax .
We know he reveal everything for sex, p

17-02-09, 17:24
Dear Diary,

After a few nights I have spent in bed(and elsewhere) with the Tangent Technology Chairman Kanedax, he shared with me some secrets.

Unfortunately, these methods to gain information are not welcome in the Neocronicle . Therefore, I was recently fired.
But it looks like Mr. TribeholZ would be in love with me, or at least with my body.
He has offered to finance my studies if I give him some compensation. What exactly that will be, he still has not mentioned yet.
It could be worse, he is actually a smart boy ... ....

Now to the information that I could “blow” out of Mr. Kanedax .

Richard L King remains in hiding until the weapons and data transport mission is instigated. He is strictly guarded by Tangent Tech.

Ha what relationships can be.
As soon as Kanedax was announced to be Tangent's Chairman, Garfield was promoted as the new security chief of Tangent and now the After Dark Forces, led by the old and wise Mad Jake, are once again one of the most powerful clans on the "Pro Neocron" side.
It is assumed that Garfield and the AD troops will lead the upcoming transport mission.
I also have heard the City Admin will send one of their best units, CAT led by Tonyboy tank, to support.
More details about this total troop strength is not known yet, but I think enough manpower is available to guarantee a successful transport.
I am sure some “lone wolfs” will join too.

While Kanedax recovered from the strains in bed, he is not very stable, I could take a look at the so-secret weapon plans and see a few photos from the N.E.X.T-prototype destined for the City Mercs.

I hope the plans for this monster will never fall in the hands of the Dome.

The transport mission is commencing in the coming days.
The NCPD`s Secret Service is known to be not the fastest, most reliable, therefore nothing is known of any planned attack from the rebels. We can only hope that they are still unable to organize and get their troops together...

25-02-09, 22:32
Dear Diary ....

It was a very eventful week,

The "Clash of the Titans' tournament was held.
There were some great duels.
The hard-earned winner, Scar Blaze, showed an outstanding performance.
The two melee fighters, Mooni and Rlionherz gave their best to counteract the heavy combat tanks... ... in vain unfortunately.
Their courage should be recognized.

Many hooligans had to be forcibly removed from the Pit by the armed security.
Some have even been chased from Neocron or locked in dark cells.

Also Tangent Techs weapon shipment has been successfully delivered.
Because short-term personal problems, only a few special agents where sent.
Unfortunately the City Admin Trooper had to pull their troops, as in the city of Neocron riots had flamed up.

Nevertheless, the courageousness of those involved in the transport should be mentioned.

Mad Jake`s After Dark T.T troops were:

ULX the Beast

From Tangent Tech:

Super Nintendo Chalmers

From N.E.X.T:

Gus Tarballs
I Love Shopping

Due to all these brave runners, the rebels, led by the notorious Sharper Blade, had a little chance to prevent the shipment.
Thank God Sharper had no other supporters, he was, after some initial difficulties, no longer a major threat and was able to escape, beaten.
The subsequent party in the Black Ribbon bar ongoing till in the morning ….
Thanks to the significant alcohol consumption, the alleged climax, The Kanedax stripshow, may not lead to lasting mental damage for those who witnessed it….

Curious, we can look into the future of the Merc`s, who are now equipped with new weapons.
Will they ever bring the new NEXT Mech to life?

We can only hope that its troop strength increase.
There are rumours that a new Merc division, called -= HOT =- has been founded.
It is to be seen what direction they choose, are they loyal to Neocron?
Or rather, support the rebels of DoY? ... ... financially strong enough though DoY is.

We shall see.