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18-09-07, 04:57
The sun goes down as the two gentlemen from the CA arrive at the Blakkmist garbage dump. As they put the Troop carrier into park they begin talking...

Unknown CA #1 : "Hey, are you sure no one followed us man?"

Unknown CA #2: "Oh, for the love of Reza don't start this shit, you're going to irritate me, I mean seriously we are the most organized faction and we have so much power within Neocron it isn't even funny."

Unknown CA #1 : "That's my point exactly, we aren't in Neocron dammit. we're in the middle of f***ing no where, and this place smells like shit."

Unknown CA #2: " Ok you know what, you're starting to piss me off, I'M YOUR COMMANDER AND YOU'RE GUNNA LISTEN TO ME!! Grab this f***ing body and bring it the middle of the dump, and go as far down as you can."

As sweat drips down the paranoid runners face he grabs the body of the black dragon clan and struggles to put him on his shoulder... *clink*. He hears this noise, but makes nothing of it. Now reaching the bottom of the dump , the junior officer (#1) sets down the body and lets out a heavy breath.

Junior officer: "Commander!?, what the hell are you waiting for you know I hate this place!!"

The junior officer puts his head down and looks at the dead BD Runner, looks around and kneels. He puts his hands inside of the pant pockets and finds drugs and shoves them in his mouth. *gulp*. Quickly intoxicated the runners paranoia has disgustingly increased...

The junior commander starts walking up the dump back to the vehicle and yells "For f*ck sake commander I'm not doing this alone again, I don't care who you are." As he arrives at the carrier he does not find his commander, but there lies the CA corpse right near the vehicle door. The junior officer hears a whispy noise coming from where he left the BD body, he turns around and sees beams of bright white light come from the bottom of the dump. He runs vigerously to the dump but before reaching it he hears a loud boom and sees lightning come from the sky annihilating a toxic barrel in front of him. He nervously turns around, there displayed his commander being held by the neck by a vivid cloaked runner. Trying to gasp for breathe, the commander speaks barely getting words out...

"John, ru hhherrr n take the city admeeeughhh bodugghhh..."

The mysterious runner drops the commander to the floor, and turns to the CA junior officer. John turns around and runs as fast as he can towards the carrier grabbing the CA body and throwing it inside, he slams into the driver seat and... "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!!" The ignition key was gone. John realizes now its time to put up a fight . He steps out of the vehicle and quickly passes his hands to his holster...


Realizing the *clink* noise he so obnoxiously ignored earlier was his weapon, John puts his life before his mission and runs in the direction of the dump hoping to ditch this vivid character and find a Gene replicator. John, intoxicated and tired, trips over a bag of bones and falls face first into the bottom of the dump... sliding into a pair of boots.. slowly looking up he pisses himself when he sees the BD runner alive and standing tall right in front of him!

The BD runner speaks " Get up you corrupt peice of shit!" John is grabbed from the back of his shirt by two cloaked runners and immediately brought to his feet. *snap* *click* The bd runner loads his weapon and points it into John's face.

BD runner: " Any last words?"

John: "You won't get anything out of me!!! The city will smash their power upon you!! You will pay!!!"

The cloaked runners fiercefully throw John to the floor and speak. "We have payed enough with our lives and our city, now it's your turn to pay." The cloaked runners pull out their hands and what looked like blazing fire twirling from within them, they burn him with feverish fire from the skies until he is scorched. ****shhhhhh**** *shhhhhhh*

A walkie talkie inside of the troop carrier sounds off. " Commander Scales are you there, come in, John, come in, This is SGT. O'leary, come in. As a
Rhino 4X4 nears the dump with search lights glowing left and right, the two cloaked runners run to the troop carrier and snag the CA body and dissappear into the sector. The BD runner runs off into the east and escapes as well.

SGT. O'leary: " Hell, theres the damn carrier, drive over there!"
The CA rescue team pulls up to the dump near the abandoned carrier. 4 cop bots and SGT, O'leary exit their vehicle and search for the bodies of Commander Scales and his Junior officer John. No bodies were found not even the two corpses of the CA and BD runners.

SGT. O'leary: "Troops, two of you here take this spare key and bring the troop carrier back to the city, the other two of you get in the damn rhino."

As the SGT walks to the rhino he notices a peice of what by the looks of it, is part of a Crahn Power Cloak on his boot with blood on it. He pulls out a evidence bag and places it inside.

The SGT whispers to himself... "Dear lord this could be the worst leak ever."

To be continued...

24-01-08, 23:12
Does anyone care for me to continue some more roleplay stories?? :D It's the least I can do. Anyone still read this part of forum?

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Does anyone care for me to continue some more roleplay stories?? :D It's the least I can do. Anyone still read this part of forum?

I do, by all means, continue. I've always loved the stories, Including this one :)

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Does anyone care for me to continue some more roleplay stories?? :D It's the least I can do. Anyone still read this part of forum?

Roleplay?....Continue your account of events in Neocron runner.

Logan Ford

/ooc Always in here reading the stories and shit so yeah get to it!

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yep i love stories maybe even one day ill finish mine and post it up

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Please continue!!! :D