View Full Version : Pepper Park crack down - CA cleanup.

13-09-07, 08:25
As a city admin runner was traveling down the waste of what we call Pepper park, he hears this noise from the subway. "ughhhhhhhhhh". He runs towards the subway and sees nothing. Not thinking much of it he returns to his normal walk through pepper to his secret hide-out in pepper-sec-3. The sound again! The Runner turns about and sees a LEGO, overdosing on drugs!!!!! Quickly an employee from the city admin security department yells "STOP RUNNER! AT ONCE! DO NOT MOVE, and chases the runner of the black dragon clan firing off his weapon. The City admin runner quickly notices this and yells to the other runner "IF YOU GOT MORE OF THOSE DRUGS FOLLOW ME". Alas the BD runner, extremely wounded runs along side the CA-runner and follows him into pepper sec- 3. Dragging the lego into his apartment CA runner speaks again "whew, man that was a close one, now let's get down wutcha got?". The Lego , bleeding from his face speaks "Just some x-beast and some bluefairy." CA runner's eyes glow in fear as the Lego reaches to his side pulling out a Ion pistol, they struggle but the CA is no match for the overly drugged LEGO. As they fight over the weapon.... "BANG".... BANG".... BANG".... silence............... seconds later... a voice from the hall way speaks "We found them sir, they have been terminated. What shall we do with their bodies?".... the distorted voice on their communication device responds ... "Bury them in the blakkmist garbage dump, and make sure you do it right this time, AND MAKE SURE NOONE SAW YOU!!!!".....

13-09-07, 13:53
nice bed time story

14-09-07, 20:02
lear = born to rolepay, i want to c more of the story, next chapter plix :D