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After over year since my last story an exciting story in the Jake Hard saga is here.


The room was cold and illuminated only by a neon green bulb. The room smelt of damp and blood, where those who were foolish enough to cross Maxwell Fenton, the owner of the room and some of Neocron’s seedier sights, were tortured, mutilated and killed. Sometimes not in that order. Maxwell sat at his desk surrounded by his suited cronies as an eerie silence drifted over the dank little room. Jake Hard, private eye, sat in an uncomfortable wooden chair with an anxious look on his face. Maxwell removed his sleek black shades from his face, put his hand through his whitish hair and uttered a single phrase that ended the silence.

“Ass to mouth.”

“What?” replied Jake.

“You ever seen that shit? I mean my girls don’t do that stuff – they’re clean girls. But I hear some of those hookers that work with Black Dragon are into that stuff. Can you believe it?”

“It’s a weird world. I’m guessin’ that you asked me to come here to discuss more than sex acts and to actually do some form of business.”

Maxwell adjusted his tie and reclined back in his black leather chair with ease. He pulled a data cube from inside his jacket and threw it at Jake who clumsily caught it.

“This is a manifesto of the cargo that will be put on board the Elektra, a sturdy hover carrier that I use for smuggling. As you can see I’ve got a nice stockpile of high grade drugs, the finest the Tsunami Syndicate has to offer.”

“It also says here you’re exporting a large herd of droms. I thought I was the only one into that sort of thing.” said Jake with a gleeful smile.

“Err…actually they are a decoy should the authorities search the carrier for contraband. Should you get cornered by NCPD you can simply explain you are delivering droms to deprived farmers in the wastelands. Hopefully this wont happen and you will deliver the drugs to the Dome of York where my associates will procure them off you. It’s hard to find good help these days. You have a reputation for getting a job done.”

“Wait, you want me, a man of the law, to smuggle drugs to Dome of York! No way. Drugs cause addiction, and addiction causes slavery.”

“You will be paid a hefty sum of money for your services.”

“Actually having said that some of my good friends are addicts.”

“Also I will let my girls service you. These girls are fine attractive women. They are unbelievably sexually frustrated, like a librarian that just got out of prison.”

“Deal!” shouted Jake.

“Excellent. However, I know this is going to be no easy task for you so I’ve assigned some people to help execute your mission. Follow me and I’ll introduce you to your team mates.”

Jake followed Maxwell and his men down winding abysmal halls till they reached a rather rustic hangar. There the Elektra was being loaded with shipments of drugs and droms, a strange a combination to be sure. Maxwell took Jake to a trio of scruffy looking characters.

“Jake”, announced Maxwell, “These are the people who will be offering a helping hand on this mission.”

Jake eyed them up and down. He especially eyed the young bookish girl with glasses and a ragged lab coat.

“This plucky young lady is Vix Hulson, a scientist and the creator of some of the drugs created here.” said Maxwell smiling.

“Pleasure to meet you”, said Vix donning a cute grin.

“This guy is Tenrec, he’s Elektra’s surly mechanic and general middle aged grouch.”

“Hey, don’t even think about using the toilet on Elektra. Thing’s backed up.”, said Tenrec. He spat on the floor, which was the only solid to pass his lips that morning.

“And lastly the token black guy who says mother fucker a lot and will more than likely die towards the end saving everyone else. His name is Malcolm.”

“Yo, motherfucker.”

“Now that I’ve introduced you to everyone I’d like to remind you to be here tomorrow morning when the Elektra is finally prepped. Try not to be late.”

Jake did a bit of small talk with the trio and soon departed from Maxwell’s underground hangar. Jake felt uneasy about this mission, he’d never really smuggled anything and he usually foiled criminals rather than help them. On the other hand Jake was finding it hard to get work and money was nearly nonexistent. Jake was facing tough times, which would get tougher when he reached the Protopharma clinic for an urgent appointment.

Jake entered the medical white doctor’s office, adorned with diagrams and equipment with a feeling of dread. The doctor occupying this room was a short, balding, spectacled man with a moustache. He spoke in a very nasally voice when he greeted Jake.

“Ah, Mr….Hard is it? Please sit down.”

Jake sat in a very soft white chair and clasped his sweaty hands together.

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news, Mr. Hard.”

“Okay, Doc. Gimme the bad first.”

“You test results from last week came through…they’re not good. We’ve discovered a brain tumour, a deadly one at that. You only have a few days to live I’m afraid.”

“Oh shit! What about the good news?”

“You know that beautiful big titted receptionist you saw outside my office?”


“I’m screwing her.”

“Good for you! Now on to more pressing issues such as me dieing and being a bloated corpse!”

“You wont become a bloated corpse. First your head will swell and you’ll suffer a slow agonising death and…”

“SHUT UP! I want to know what can be done!”

“The technology we have can remove the tumour with a 100% success rate. However, you don’t have any medical insurance and so you are going to have to pay for the operation. Although that will be costly. Something to the tune of 100,000 credits.”


Jake still had a flicker of hope left in him. He had only but a few days left to live, but he would be embarking on a well paid smuggling mission that could pay for the operation. But the mission was dangerous and he knew it would take a few days to complete. Precious days. Jake was now facing the most difficult mission he had ever taken.

“I’m sorry but before you go could you sign this form stating that in the event of your death that we can harvest your organs for mutant children.”

The doctor reached into his breast pocket, pulled out a rectal thermometer and handed it to Jake.

“Hey, this isn’t a pen! It’s a rectal thermometer!” exclaimed Jake.

“It is? Damn, some assholes got my pen.”

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O_o funny stuff jake :lol:

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Ha Ha, Very good, I liked it. Nice bit of humour in there too, but to be expected from you really :p

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Here we go...


Alan Ferguson was a director of operations at Tangent Technologies, which allowed him to go to the finest dinner parties in Neocron. He would socialise with other people of similar ilk and enjoy the best food, best wine and the finest drugs. However, tragedy struck him one day when he donned his best suit and found a nice bottle of wine to give to the host at a rather fancy dinner party, where all of Neocron’s upper-class citizens would be. He simply stepped into the gene replicator; set the destination to the party and he teleported. He arrived at the party in good timing and shocked everyone with his presence.

Mostly because he was inside out.

CEO’s, directors and their mistresses shrieked in horror as they looked at the twitching inside out remains of Alan. This annoyed the host greatly because it had ruined a very nice party and Alan had brought the wrong kind of wine too. City Admin and other officials looked into the matter and found faults in a few gene replicators. Fearing that citizens would be replicated in a embarrassing fashion, possibly ruining more parties or people’s appetites, City Admin allowed that all gene replicators should be turned offline till the problem was fixed and persuaded other factions to do likewise.

This made trade difficult and meant that most people would have to use vehicles to get to destinations. Equally, smuggling became hard and barons and crime lords would commission hover carriers for smuggling operations. One such carrier, the Elektra, was now embarking on such a smuggling mission with our intrepid hero Jake Hard inside…

“We should reach the Dome in a few hours as long as there are no interruptions.” said Tenrec lighting up another cigar.

Jake, Vix, Tenrec and Malcolm were all seated in the cockpit, watching the wasteland unfold in front of them through the view screen as they flew high in the sky.

“You like this ship, Jake? State of the motherfucking art, motherfucker.” said Malcolm.

“Just seems like a normal carrier to me.” replied Jake, looking very pale.

“Hell no, motherfucker! How many motherfucking cup holders do you see?”


“Five motherfucking cup holders! Now ya standard motherfucking carrier has two motherfucking cup holders. But the Elektra is a feat of motherfucking engineering by having five motherfucking cup holders! If motherfucking aliens from the planet Motherfucker or whatever came and invaded us in their motherfucking ships, they would have only 4 cup holders at best, motherfucker. I believe the more motherfucking cup holders there is the more advance the technology. Understand, motherfucker?”

The droms in the cargo hold started to groan and bleat. Droms are not used to flying and they were becoming restless. Tenrec and Malcolm left the cockpit to go feed the droms in the hope they would maybe sleep. Jake and Vix were left alone. Vix scooted over to where Jake was sitting and gave him a comfortable grin.

“You okay? You look really pale, Jake.”

“Well…I…don’t want to alarm you…”

“It’s fine. Just give it to me straight and don’t sugar coat it.”

“I’ve been visited by the cancer fairy…”

“That’s sugar coating it.”


“What are doing here?”

“I need the money for an operation. I didn’t really want to say anything because Maxwell would take me off the mission. Plus I might not get laid.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, I really want to get laid.”

“No, I’m sorry about the cancer.”

“Oh…that’s sweet. You know…you have really pretty eyes.”


“Yes…especially the left one.”

“You don’t talk to many women do you?”

Tenrec and Malcolm soon came back to the cockpit and took there respective seats. Malcolm turned up the stereo to drown out the sound of the bleating droms. Jake could feel a splitting headache coming on, his vision grew blurry and he felt sick. He felt he would soon lose consciousness…

“Jake! Got shut them motherfucking droms up!”

Jake perked up. He stumbled out the cockpit and into the cargo hold. He was surrounded by droms and crates of drugs in a dark cargo hold. It wasn’t the best conditions. Jake stumbled over to a barrel of drom feed, stepping in droppings along the way. It was empty. The droms continued to bleat in their restlessness.

“Muuuuuurrrrrrppppp” they cried.

Jake couldn’t stand them. Stupid creatures he thought. He then had a bright idea! A genius plan he thought. A way to solve the situation.

Dose them.

Jake opened a crate of drugs and took a few vials. Only a few so the buyers wouldn’t notice. He then proceeded to inject each drom. As he did he saw their eyes dilate and they shook a little, they just stood motionless, as if in a trance. They stopped moaning. That was certain. Jake relished his little victory, and thought that he obviously did have detective smarts.

He triumphantly strutted into the cockpit and sat down with a smug grin on his face.
Everyone looked at him.

“What the hell did you do, motherfucker? Those motherfuckers have stopped.”

“Jake and droms - I don’t want to know what he did. Heh heh” said Tenrec taking a puff on his cigar.

“Oh I just gave them some petting and some feed. Quite pleasant creatures really.” said Jake still smug in his accomplishment.

Tenrec poked his head out the cockpit door which lead to the cargo hold.


A drom shrieked as it ripped Tenrec’s head off. Its eyes were bloodshot and it was foaming at the mouth. Jake was horrified and kicked the drom out the cockpit. He then quickly shut the door and held onto it, desperately trying to keep it shut.

“Did you see that?! That motherfucker bit his motherfucking head off!”

The droms roared in the cargo hold and began ramming the cock pit door. Jake was even paler now, probably due to the headless corpse near him.

“Oh no! How did this happen? They must have ingested the combat drugs somehow?” said Vix searching amongst a tool box.

“Combat drugs??? Those droms sure are curious creatures aren’t they.” said Jake, faking a smile.

The droms rammed harder.
“Stand back Jake, I’m going to weld the door shut.” said Vix igniting a welding torch.

Jake stood back as Vix welded the door. Malcolm loaded up a large cannon type weapon and checked for extra ammo. Jake stood in awe of this huge weapon, made him feel inadequate.

Malcolm looked at Jake and frowned.

“We got some doped up droms trying to bite our motherfucking heads off. That motherfucking door isn’t going to hold out against those motherfuckers for long. Good job I bought my favourite motherfucking gun. I love this motherfucker. I even named it.”

“Let me think…you named it the big motherfucking gun.”

“No. I named it Wendy. Why the motherfucking hell would I call it that motherfucker?!”

“Just a guess.”

Malcolm cocked his gun and poised it at the door. The droms rammed the door harder and harder. Jake and Vix stood back waiting for there doom. Malcolm grit his teeth.


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“We got some doped up droms trying to bite our motherfucking heads off."

That line just had me in stitches. :lol:

Brilliant story as always Hell-Demon!

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What a hectic summer. It's been very shit, actually. Sorry for delay. The third and final part to the story is here.


The Elektra jetted its way to the Dome carrying a new horrifying load: psychotic droms. With the power of combat drugs, these adrenaline junkie droms had now become ferocious predators instead of meek, docile creatures. They no longer had a taste for grass; they now had a taste for human flesh. There was a time when people mocked droms. Those times were over. Jake, Vix and Malcolm shivered as they heard a sound they never thought would scare them.


The trio stood watching the cockpit door haplessly. The droms on the other side kept ramming the door harder and harder.

“I had no idea droms could get so violent.” said Jake.

“I don’t understand it myself, motherfucker. Hey Vix! You’re the motherfucking scientist! Mind explaining why these motherfuckers bite off head instead of giving it?” yelled Malcolm.

Vix mumbled and composed herself; the idea of death by drom was not pleasant. It also would not make a good epitaph.

“It’s definitely the combat drugs. The droms have bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, increased motor functions, dexterity, stamina and erratic violent behaviour. Gentlemen- we’re fucked.” said Vix in awe of the droms.

“I count six of the motherfuckers, though I doubt I’ll be able to take them all on.” said Malcolm looking out the cockpit door window.

Jake sat down in the driving seat, holding his head in pain as the tumour grasp his brain in agony. He thought that maybe he could get a gun and shoot himself in the head and blow the tumour out. Wait a minute…

“We blow them!” cried Jake as he leapt to his feet.

“These motherfuckers are trying to eat us and you want us to give them oral sex!”

“No! I mean, we open the cargo bay doors and they’ll get sucked out from the pressure. True, the drugs will also get sucked out into the open, but we get to live!”

“This motherfucker’s talkin’ sense for once. We can’t open the doors from here though. We have to be in the motherfucking cargo bay to access the motherfuckers doors control panel, which is right at the end of the motherfucking cargo bay. Aint that a motherfucker.”

“Even if you do open the doors, at this altitude you will get sucked out too” replied Vix.

Jake was now on a roll. He was using his smarts this time instead of his dick. He quickly unzipped his flies, which startled Vix and Malcolm, and pulled out five pairs of extra thick gym socks. He then lay them out and began tying them together, fashioning them into a sturdy makeshift rope. He took off his shoes and pulled off his socks, then ordered Malcolm and Vix to do the same. They reluctantly did what he said and he added the extra socks to the sock rope.

“Care to explain what your plan is Jake?” queried Vix.

“Ok…me and Malcolm will tie this rope of funky smelling socks to the cockpit door and around our waists. We then make our way down to the cargo bay control panel for the door, we open the doors, droms get sucked out and we remain harnessed to the cockpit by the socks. Malcolm will have to supply covering fire to keep the droms away from us. Vix, you stay by the cockpit and make sure the rope holds and is sturdy. This should work. In theory. Maybe.”

“That is a motherfucking stupid plan. But we got no others. So let’s do it motherfucker!”

As the Elektra drew ever closer to the Dome of York, with its deadly cargo, Malcolm, Vix and Jake pried open the cockpit door and quickly tied the socks to the metallic handle of the door. Malcolm fired a few burst from his gun to make the droms back away. They were certainly a lot smarter now, understanding what a threat was. Jake and Malcolm tied the socks round their waists and ran across the cargo bay, Malcolm firing wildly all the way. They drew closer to the control panel. Closer. Closer.

Then they stopped.

The rope of socks was short. They were only a few meters away but it made all the difference.

“Shit!” screamed Jake.

The droms caught on very quickly as to what was going on. One of the droms jumped over a crate of drugs and charged at Malcolm. It caught him off guard and it mauled his leg. Malcolm screamed out in pain and shot the assailing drom dead.

“Ah motherfucker! My motherfucking leg! Fuck motherfucker! Motherfucking fuck fuck!”

“Yeah, that looked painful”

Malcolm untied the rope round his waist and limped to the control panel.

“Malcolm, what are you doing?”

“My legs fucked, motherfucker. I’m only going to slow you all down. So I’m going to open the doors. I’m going to get sucked out of the Elektra, but at least these motherfucking droms with go with me!


“No motherfucker! You’re supposed to say, “Don’t do it Malcolm we need you, there must be some other way”. Or some shit like that.”

“Oh…er…you are one brave motherfucker.”

Jake smiled at Malcolm. Malcolm threw his gun at Jake, which he caught.

“I know motherfucker. I know. You cover my motherfucking ass while I open the doors. I’ll put it on a timer, they’ll open for a few minutes giving enough time for the droms to get sucked out and then they’ll close.”

The droms packed together and began to charge at the duo. Malcolm punched in a few codes into the control panel and the huge bulk head doors of the cargo hold opened up…

And with that a huge vacuum entered the cargo hold sucking drom, drugs, crates and anything else there into the open where they would meet an unfortunate destination with the ground below. Droms screeched as they clambered their hooves on the rusty flooring trying to hold on for dear life, but to no avail. Malcolm was the first to get sucked out and the only one to scream “motherfucker” in the process.

While all this was happening Jake feebly held onto the sock rope, holding onto it with all his might. The sheer force of the vacuum was immense and the rope would not maintain its structure for long. Vix was also grasping onto the cockpit door, screaming.

Then the doors closed.

Jake slumped to the floor and normal pressure resumed. Jake untied the rope around him. He looked at the few remaining crates and bits of debris scattered around the cargo hold. Jake had stopped the droms, they would have been taken to Dome of York and gone on and rampage if he hadn’t. However, the shipment was lost and Jake would not get paid. The tumour would kill him in the end. If not soon.

Jake strained to get his breathe back. He rested on a tattered crate. While there he heard a shuffling sound. It was coming from a pile of broken crates and debris in the corner. Then a green mammal emerged from it. A snarling, dribbling and psychotic drom. It charged at Jake but Jake quickly cocked the gun in his hand. He sprayed a borage of bullets at the drom. Some hit it, but most missed and pierced the hull of the Elektra. The drom whimpered and died, collapsing on the floor.

Jake rushed to the cockpit where Vix was frantically steering the Elektra. The hull breech had caused a loss in altitude, making the Elektra go off its trajectory and was now descending, rapidly, into the Dome of York.

“Jake we’re loosing altitude! We’re taking a nose dive into Dome of York and one of the cup holders has broken off!” yelled Vix.

As the Elektra descended Jake could feel the pain in the head worsening. The pain got worse and worse. Jake fell to the floor. He looked at Vix; he could hear alarms going off, he could see lights flashing, the sound of the Elektra descending pierced his ears.

And then black.

Jake awoke bleary eyed in a crusty stained bed, in a dank room with peeling wallpaper and lights that occasionally flickered. Jake looked across from his bed to see Vix at a desk, typing at a computer. She turned and smiled at Jake.

“Erm…did I die?” said Jake wincing.

“No, though you did crack a few ribs when we crashed into the Dome. I was lucky and broke my arm and collar bone, with a little bit of concussion to add to the list of injuries. We’re alive though. You also have one less head ache to worry about. Literally.”


“The brain tumour. I removed it, with a little help from the Fallen Angels here as well. They were the ones who saved us when we crashed into the Dome. They’re impressed with my skills and want me to join their faction. Can you believe it?” said Vix very chirpily.

“That’s good. We better lay low here for a while, you’re ex-boss wont be happy about the loosing the shipment.”

“Doesn’t matter. I think we can have new life here in Dome of York. Just be thankful that you’re alive to live another day Jake.”

Jake rested his head down on his squishy pillow. He was indeed going to live to see another day. Perhaps fight another mystery, stop another villain or maybe, just maybe, get the girl in the end. For now though he was going to rest and wait to see what the future would bring.

Meanwhile, in one of the windy desert sectors of the wastelands, a herd of droms casually plodded towards a cache of strewn cargo. Curious, they huddled around the strange cargo. They sniffed the contents. Then they dared to nibble at it. Soon they trembled. Their eyes went red. They foamed at the mouth. They snarled. They thrashed. They screeched in unison:



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Been waiting for the final part for ages, nice work Hell-demon.

KK should put a new Drom in the game, the Hell-Drom! 120/120. Just imagine trying to take on a herd of those!

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Heh...120/120 droms ftw!

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Was hoping for a better ending but its good!