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13-05-07, 23:15
Now you will find in both mags a new area called :
Asleifs Column (Neocronicle) / Asleifs Talk (VotR)

The Faction Assistent of the City Mercs Asleif Friederson will report you monthly (or may be more often) about the happened incidents of the last month, and this of course in his friendly and humorous way of a merc ;)

Have fun to read it


16-05-07, 11:30
Hehe, very great reading!

Just keep writin' folks :-)!

19-12-07, 02:02
This was a very good idea, whatever happend to it?

19-12-07, 12:51
Didn't you hear?

He was out on a report in the PP district and got gunned down by an evil Pk'er unfortunately the Genreps didn't save him......Rest in Peace.

Was a good column , shame.

19-12-07, 18:57
Oh shit!

The first announcement of the E28-30 came only 2 months after Asleif's first and final Column.
Is it possible that a very-early prototype of the E28-30 was leaked out?

Perhaps this PKer wasn't a PKer at all. Perhaps Tangent sent a member into Pepper Park with a prototype to test on some criminals and Asleif was just in the wrong place at the wrong time..

19-12-07, 20:39
I think there may be a new columnist coming soon ;)

20-12-07, 09:14
This was a very good idea, whatever happend to it?

(ooc: Reallife :mad: - no you can't eat it :( )