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Clan ByB -

The Big Yellow Ball Clan!

Long ago, when the great cities of the western world were being built, there was a third great city named Tokyo II. This was the last city in the world to have been built, and it boasted advanced technologies and culture. As did Neocron, Tokyo II employed a huge magnetic shield to protect itself from radiation. These shields, however, stopped communication between the two cities, and the Dome's long range communication ability was destroyed in an earlier attack.

There have been rumors for many years that the habitants of Tokyo II live in a perfect world with no mutants and no war. There are also rumors stating that there is a perfect democracy; one that has worked and has been sustained for many years. Tokyo II, to many, is rumored to be the perfect safe heaven in this world of death and destruction.

The Crahn Sect historians, who were of the same blood line as the psi monks who last had contact with Tokyo II, had always tried to figure out why Tokyo II was a safe heaven. The very last official communication with Tokyo II was when they activated there magnetic shielding. It was only until the recent months of this dead world that the historians found a datacube that had been left by a traveler from Tokyo II 120 years ago.

Contents of DataCube -

To all who read this, I am a traveler from Tokyo II, I feel I must warn you of an appending doom.

This datacube then transfered over a hundred different documents into the historians Hand-held Wireless Citycom. These documents were proof that Tokyo II was still alive and that they truly did live in peace and harmony, but there was a grave secret behind the peace. Throughout the documents they found a video of a room in the center of a church; it was glowing like God himself had set it on fire. In the center of this room a Big Yellow Ball was floating; bobbing up and down in a constant flawless motion. What followed on this tape was simply more amazing than the ball itself; there were monks, dozens of monks hurling GenTanks into this yellow ball. Every two days, like clockwork, they would throw another one in. The text documents stated that this is how Tokyo II sustains its power and feeds their wonderful world... by sacrificing Genetically Enhanced Tanks into the "Big Yellow Ball".

The inhabitants of Tokyo II knew that they would not be able to maintain high populations of their fair city if they were to continue sacrificing it's citizens. After much research they discovered if they could find another Big Yellow Ball they could place it inside there own, causing the Big Yellow Ball to be increase its power more than tenfold. For as long as they all lived they believed this would not only give their ball enough power to survive indefinitely, but it could also spread the peace and fresh air to the western world as well. After much more reading the inhabitants of Tokyo II discovered that they would need to take this Big Yellow Ball by force, that the ancient monks in the Ceres war had placed another Big Yellow Ball inside Military Base, and hired the leaders of The City Mercs to protect this ball, to hide it, and even sacrifice their life for this ball.


After debating the new information Crahn historians decided that the ancient texts described that a 'power', in the future, would destroy this world; leave it with no life, and no light... forever in darkness. Crahn had long believed that the nuclear war was this end, but the historians are now believing that uniting the 2 ByB's, would actually have such a great focus of power in one spot it would destroy the world and the sun, resulting in total darkness. So they decided to make an organization sworn to protect The City Mercs from the devastating troops of Tokyo II. There ultimate allegiance is to the protection of the Byb.

Of course, the psi monks are also psi made, so they did research into looking on how they could harness some of the power from the ByB, without sacrificing a few GenTanks (Although, Iím sure a few Diamond Real-estate Tanks could be found ). After many tries, and many dead monks, they realized that just being in front of the ByB would taint there soul with its power, but once they left its presence the power was lost. They decided if they sacrificed themselves to the ByB, and left a QuickBelt, which would link the power to their souls, they may keep some of this power. So, they all placed a belt next to the ByB, and became blessed by its power.

More info on recruitment! (http://forum.techhaven.org/viewtopic.php?t=2726)

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Sorry about the break, Tokyo kidnapped our leaders (ooc: What, i was doing college work).

We have know started recruitment, you will see the messages ingame, on the trade, and anti alliance channel. Please contact the runner who is advertising for recuitment info