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20-04-07, 14:12
Res was a monk from the city of Neocron. He had great powers; powers to protect others, and to bring others back to life. But for these great gifts, he had to sacrifice his combat skills, living only to serve others. It was a quiet time. It had been days, even weeks since he had seen another runner. He found his way to "Regants Legacy", a lost installation in the wastelands. He thought he might find hunters and explorers there, all looking for riches and fame. But at Regants many only find deathÖ

Standing outside, above the corpses that scatter the ground, he takes a moment to steady himself. He focuses, putting up his shields to protect himself from whatever may be behind the door. Then he opens his eyes, and steps inside. "Safe" he utters to himself, looking around the small dark room. As he walks down the dirty stone steps in front of him, he spots a man in an army uniform. The man isnít moving, isnít doing anything, just standing their staring into the distance, leaning backwards and forwards ever so slightly, twitching and mumbling something to himself. Res steps towards him, but gets distracted by screams and the sound of laserfire echoing from down the long corridor. Res pushes past the crazy man, running down the long corridor to help whoever is in trouble.

He turns a corner, and stops dead in his tracks. He's looking down the barrel of a laser rifle. The spy holding it says nothing, she stands there for a few moments, leans her head slightly to one side as if realising this poor monk means her no harm, and then she lowers the rifle. Behind her lays the remains of a mutant. It seems to be the result of genotoxic experiments, the razor sharp blades extruding from its forearms are a clear sign. Without saying anything the spy turns away, and continues down the corridor. Res follows.

They come to a staircase. Looking down Res can make out another genotoxic mutant. The spy takes aim. Res stands back, focusing again he applies his shields. Then turns his attention to the spy. He knows if he concentrates he can influence her aim, make her more lethal than before. He tries, but it's no good. He can't help her. "She must have removed her law-enforcer" he thinks to himself. He still has his government-issued chip in his head, he can't help this criminal, even although he wants to. He canít even shield her from harm. He stands idly by, watching as she struggles fighting this creature alone.

After the fight, the spy stands over the dead mutant. Trembling, she reaches for her injector, injecting a batch of regeneration nanites into her wrist. Slowly she begins to recover. The effects of genotoxic contamination die down, and she reaches for her rifle once again. She turns her head towards Res for a second, just long enough to give him a look. It's the look of a warrior to a coward. Then she walks onward, further into the facility. Res looks to the floor. He thinks of turning back, leaving the facility. He canít help anyone here. But he has nowhere else to go. He follows behind the spy.

Eventually they reach a doorway. Res sees his chance to help. "Wait here, Iíll go check it out" he says, before applying his shields. The spy says nothing, she watches as he slips through the door. The spy waits impatiently. After a few minutes, she raises her left arm and presses a button on the device on her wrist. The device beeps, and the spy's skin starts to become transparent. Within a few seconds she is almost completely invisible. The door opens, and then it closes...

Res is pressed against a wall. The large cloak & hood almost isn't enough to cover the terrified expression on his face. The large circular room is full of genotoxic mutants, and in the centre is something even worse. The thirty-foot tall twisted ball of flesh with a skull for a face, thrashes it's bladed tentacles wildly in the air, screaming at Res. The spy's stealth wears down and she grabs her rifle, immediately burning into this genotoxic nightmare, and snapping Res out of his horrified daze.

Res runs out into the room trying to do something, anything. He closes his eyes tight, raising his hand in the air. Sparks of electricity form from his hand and float around in the shape of a ball. It raises into the air to attack the monster as the spy frantically dodges the monsters blades and returns fire. Res has done everything he can now. He watches expectantly for something to happen, hoping the soul cluster he had summoned will help. He waited, but nothing happened. The soul cluster just hovered there shining in the dim light until, like his dreams of helping others, it faded away.

The spy scored a lucky hit, and the monster started to fall. Severely wounded, she reaches for her injector, looking over to see what became of Res. He stands in the middle of the room, unscratched, but gazing into the ground in deep thought. Res thinks of his dreams, he questions his destiny. There is no one left for him to help now, there is nothing left that he can do. He is useless, and now he realises it. He stands there staring into the ground. The mutants scattered through the room become restless, they start moving towards Res. Res looks at the mutants for a second, then back at the floor, a troubled expression on his face. He glances at the spy, and slowly begins to nod his head. "Itís over. I know what I must do." he thinks to himself.

As the mutants close in on Res, the spy wearily raises her rifle expecting him to move aside. Res looks up at the spy, but he doesnít move. He hears the mutants approach, and without looking away he utters to himself "I quit". He smiles ever so slightly, puts his hand on the back of his head and falls to his knees. Then he closes his eyes for one last time...

:D (I was very very very bored btw) :D

20-04-07, 17:47
WoW,How do u come up with a ppu dieing??nice work tho

04-07-12, 02:19
Wow... five years on and I make it back to revisit my short story. I can't believe it's been over half a decade!

I might write an interactive story about Neocron on Story Explorer (http://www.storyexplorer.co.uk/). You guys should come and check it out if I do, otherwise it'll be wasted.

04-07-12, 16:09
Hey that site looks cool, but rather new. I just made a profile and started writing a story there aswell. I've allways been looking for something like that site. Is there a forum available to that site?

04-07-12, 20:55
Hi MadMeleeFreak, cool, yeah the site is brand new. There isn't a forum at the moment, but one might get added in the future --it'll be announced on the Facebook / Twitter pages if it happens. Good luck with your story, I'll be sure to read it once it's written!

04-07-12, 22:39
Hey that site looks cool, but rather new. I just made a profile and started writing a story there aswell. I've allways been looking for something like that site. Is there a forum available to that site?
Don't forget to give us a heads up when you got the first story out ;)

05-07-12, 01:20
Don't forget to give us a heads up when you got the first story out ;)

Will do. Sadly I've lost my local copies of the NC related stuff I did years ago.