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Thats right ladies and gentlemen, i know you all have them. This is the thread to post your background/Roleplay stories for all and any of your characters that you choose. ill start off with one of mine.

=-Warbot Titan X-=

A Professional sniper, he makes his living as a hitman staying behind the scenes of many high-profile killings, and doing freelance security work for anyone who doesnt want people within a 200 foot radius of their person. He has been called Warbot Titan X for many years, a nickname given to him by a dear friend early in his career. He has long forgotten his real name, and so has everyone else. A Good friend of the Mason family, and Brother of Apocalypsox he prefers to stand back and let his sniper rifle do the work, making very good use of a stealth tool when things get a little too close. He has also recently tooken up the use of gliders, realising that tactical sniping positions are not always acessible on foot after watching his friend Clive make the skies his bitch with a glider. :angel:

Clive tombstone
11-03-07, 09:18
Thanks APoc for starting this thread off!

=-Clive Tombstone-=

Rebel, Sell Sword, Speed freak, jackass. These words are usually describe Clive and his usual shinanagins. Born into a family of Next Employee's, he found his calling as a test pilot as his only natural course. Even though his parents were killed during an attack on the Neo-Tokyo bound shuttles, he was still raised by the various employees of NEXT, that is till he came of age. Clive at the age of 22, sought out his own road in life, seeing the mercs (and anyone who'd share a drink with him) as his allies and employers.

His affiliation with mechanics and vehicles has led him to many different like-minded individuals such as Titan X, Apocalypsox, Hell-demon, HeavyPorker, and many others as well, often offering whatever help he can "Just for the hell of it".

Anouther side effect of his general nature, is that he tends to use "larger" weapons, more usually intended for the gen tanks, of course his response to this is usually greeted with a "Why the hell would you go smaller when you can go with this!" which is usually followed by panicked screams, as he most likely had just drawn a loaded rocket launcher in the middle of a bar. Since his upbringing was also centered around NEXT employees, it seems only natural that he loves driving (and flying, oh boy does he love flying), and would be more than happy to taxi people, so long as they dont shoot at him or "put theyre feet on the apolstry".

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J.D. Gheist is was once a tank commander leading a lance of four Rhinos in the war, but it now just another piece of obsolete hardware. He returned to the city with honours for bravery above and beyond the call of duty and recommendations for promotion, but the war was over and his termination was already scheduled. It was decided that he was not quite right to be kept in reserve to be called on to defend Neocron, and so like many thousands of others was to be removed from the city. This was until activists stood up for the legions of gen-tanks and gave them a second hope at life, and fought for their rights as humans, not just as military weapons. Sometimes, J.D. wonders if they made the right choise.

He now lives in a small apartment in Pepper Park with the constant thumping of the bass lines from the Pussy club robbing him of his sleep. He earns a living by venturing into the depths of the city and removing the infestations that are slowly taking root.

His abilities as a tank driver have been recognised by N.E.X.T. who recently offered him work as a test dummy, taking new hardware onto the field to test its stability and safety so that humans more prized them him do not risk as much on the battlefield. Some would be insulted by this treatment, but J.D. hopes to proove his worth to N.E.X.T. and is quite happy to do that by being seated back inside a tank, where he belongs.

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Clive tombstone
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Born in the slums of Neocron's outzone district, Zack "Nobody" Schwarzwald had always had always dreamed for something greater. At an early age, he fell into a deep depression after the death of his family in a mutant attack. Saddened that neocron had taken no notice or effort to help even when the attack was reported, Zack became mentally unstable and eventually left the city to wander the wastes for a long period of time.
Having a weak constitution, but an able (and active) mind he yearned for a better place, somewhere he could be "King". Upon eventually ariving at techHeaven, he discovered a place that would change his existance forever. It was then Hacknet was shown to him, and he had found his new "home".
Zack Now lives under the alias of "Nobody" (for the semblence that he is "nobody" till his mission is complete) as a hacker for the fallen angels, vowing to correct peoples loss in value of humanity, "One way or anouther" to stop similar events like the deaths of his family from happening ever again.

His current whereabouts are unknown, only that he was in the "real world" once in the last four months. He currently has very few allies or enemies, as he perfers to work alone, though he is currently attempting to contact H.I.O.B in an attempt to further his own goal.

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Name: Revan

Nickname: Revan

Age: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Faction: Unknown


Infamous around Neocron and the Dome, Revan has built a rather strange reputation. His past is kept rather mysterious as well as his appearence, which seems to change from time to time. It is believed this is done to hide from would-be mercs and bounty hunters.

Those who have met Revan state that he has has a twisted sense of humour and charisma. Revan is also profficient with weapons and has some mistrust of City Admin, The Skull Cult and Regants Army.

Revan's true indentity and age are a mystery. He has had in the past many different names. Revan has also been involved in historical events. Under the guise of Calavera he organised an assault on a large Tangent Technology conference, which lead to the death of several runners. He then defected to The Fallen Angels, believing they would offer sanctuary, and chose his new alias, Dominion. During his time in the Fallen Angels he was involved in several pivotal clans, Phoenix Ltd and clan Dome of York. However, upon discovering the Fallen Angels plans to capture missile plans, that were subsequently used on Dome of York in the end when Neocron got their hands on them, Revan attempted to stop the destruction of Dome and York. He failed and was caught in the crossfire when City Admin invaded Dome of York, causing him servere injuries.

When the anti-Neocron factions settled in Dome of York so did Revan. After all he had seen he soon believed that the Fallen Angels were corrupt and all anti-Neocron factions. He then left Dome of York and found solice in the City Mercs where he joined F.E.T.I.S.H. The clan was strong but after a while collapsed and Revan returned to Neocron. He returned to Tangent Technology, the faction he turned his back on and became a freelance for other companies offering his services in exchange for credits.

Revan is now missing. Perhaps he is creating a new indentity, working for a clan or faction, fighting hordes of enemies, rejuvinating himself with genetically engineered organs (or so the rumours go), or perhaps this time he will rest.

Or maybe be involved in something much bigger than we can comprehend.

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A Side note, after Titan met Revan in plaza once, it seems Revan has contact with Neo-Tokyo. I have a datacube somewhere with proof of this.

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Kris Crimson has no recollection of his life before MC5. However, small and weak with signs of malnutrition, he might have come from the slums of Outzone. He was one of the abductees to Reza's brainwashing procedure at MC5 but resisted the process. Cast out, he died in the Wasteland. Dome of York hackers recovered him from the Generep system and enlisted him as a junior hacker for Tsunami Syndicate. Bewildered by all this and constantly getting lost in the labyrinthine Dome of York, he has made HackNet his home.

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##City Admin Citizen Records || File: NCTT_48812##
##ERROR: Level 3 Clearance Required - Please enter clearance code
##Code: *******
##Name: Devan Ariens
##Known Alias(es): Origin
##Gender: Male
##Age: 26
##Faction Affiliation: Tangent Technologies
##Hair: Black, spiked (originally blue)
##Eyes: One blue, one replaced by an implant*.

Devan Ariens, aka "Origin", was obtained for the MC5 program from ########. A task force was sent to his precise location in ######## to retrieve him. The task force suffered casualties due to Origin's resistance, his knowledge of the location giving him an advantage. The remains of the fallen task force members were retrieved and the possibility of City Admin's weapons and armor data falling into the wrong hands was eliminated.

Origin's mind accepted the procedure and he became a citizen of Neocron, where he was given a placement as a weapons tester for Tangent Technologies. Approximately two years ago, Origin changed his hair colour from blue to black. Other than this and the various implants he possesses, Origin's physical appearance remains unchanged.

Origin has not been sighted in Neocron or the Wastelands for approximately one year. The most recent records of this individual show him to own real estate in both Sector 2 of Via Rosso and Sector 4 of the Plaza. There has been no sign of Origin's remains or Origin himself during his disappearance. Despite this, our projections show his probability of defection to the forces of the Dome to be relatively low (23%).

(* - Do the combat eye implants actually replace the "organic eye", or are they implanted in the eye socket around the eye and enhances the eye's performance using some sort of nanotechnology? The item icon (unless its been changed in the past year) favours the former, yet I like the sound of the latter better. Oh, well. And as for where Origin was before MC5? I had a incomplete story which went into more detail about that, but I lost it... maybe I'll rewrite it someday...)

Dribble Joy
14-03-07, 15:17
Little of DJ's past is known, mostly because she simply can't remember it, primarily due to her large Redflash habit. Bad memories of her time in Tangent and use of a Kami CPU don't help.

Though she started in Tangent, the breakdown of her clan, TCO, partly propagated by the Alliance Wars, forced her and several other members to move to the City Mercs to get out of the political scene.

Alas even the Mercs were not immune to what was happening in the world as the Alliance Wars gathered pace and it all collapsed with the MJ12 incident, shattering CM into small groups or forcing many to leave the organisation altogether.

The waning of Skull's power, that of CM itself and how the other factions viewed them gradually pushed DJ off the political landscape alltogether.
Now she primarily focuses on her dueling skills (though this has taken a down-ward turn of late) and performing what missions she can get hold of.
Given her experience with the political scene, she has effectively ostracised herself from the majority of CM, especially the more power hungry and asperational parts of the faction that want to turn the Mercs into a direct military, territorial and political entity, rather than a simple group of guns for hire.
As a result she lives in near exile, often acting on commisions not given or requested from CM command.

One of DJ more peculiar irregularities is her obsession with her plasma pistol. No-one knows where she got it (least of all DJ herself) or who or how made it, and how it was made. Any time she can spare is dedicated to trying to improve it in anyway possible.