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23-02-07, 22:11
'War upon us' is the 2nd Chapter of 'The death circuit' Storyline and started in the Neocronicle within the last days / will start now.

Announcements of this Chapter you will get here again. Have Fun.

12-03-07, 12:58
- Another attack by Regant (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=199)
- Regants conspriracy uncovered (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=200)

Voice of the Resistance
- Mutants located in our city (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=180)
- The Nightmare doesn´t end (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=181)
- The Twist (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=182)


The NeoNews (www.votr-mag.com and www.neocronicle.com) are being hacked by H.I.O.B. again. Also it seems he crept into the Wireless Station and the Citycom. Please pay attention to the ingame mails and the newsletter to find out what happened.

17-04-07, 22:52
Voice of the Resistance:
Mission results (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=186)
(Thx to the reporters, was fun to read this article)

The end of the Regant Era (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=202)
(no runner reports arrived :( )

13-05-07, 23:08
Incoming next Chapter (III) - 'The digital infection'

01-07-07, 09:05
Info to the storyline (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?t=140097)

Voice of the Resistance:
- At the moment... (href="http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=188)
- Another Hackattack (href="http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=189)

- H.I.O.B. again (href="http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=204)

- also sent ingame as newsletter, notice the "hidden" hint.

03-07-07, 09:20
Mags / ingame Newsletter:

What´s going on at Gaya Mines? (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=205)

Voice of the Resistance:
Findings in the gaya mines (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=190)

04-07-07, 18:46
Updates in the mags and newsletter (to active at the ingame mailsystem)

Voice of the Resistance:
- A call to Tsunami (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=191)
- Important message for the Dome! (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=192)

- No fear about H.I.O.B. - Citizens are not afraid (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=206)
- Where is our President ? (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=207)

ATTENTION: H.I.O.B. hacked again the mags and mailsystems!

08-07-07, 10:19
Updates in the mags and ingame Newsletter:

- Strange readings in the city (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=208)

Voice of the Resistance:
- Investigations continue (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=193)

Also there was started to send a few faction mails for..... - you should read and react. More will come.

13-07-07, 09:51
Updates in the mags and ingame Newsletter:

- President back in town (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=209)

Voice of the Resistance:
- Tsunami investigate (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=194)
- About the rescue of our DAL (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=195)

If you don´t get the Newsletter - enable it at the ingame mailsystem.

Also keep your eyes open for faction mails and new NPCs.

19-07-07, 15:38
Updates in the magazines and ingame Newsletter (subscription at the mailsystem) - also H.I.O.B. hacked the magazines and mailsystems again

Neocronicle: (latest below)
- New development at Tangent Technologies (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=210)
- Reaction of BioTech (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=211)
- News Flash (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=212)
- Heavy accident in Tech Haven (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=213)
- President back in charge (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=214)

Voice of the Resistance: (latest below)
- Crahn’s return is at hand (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=196)
- DAL fit again (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=197)
- Slash, decrease of drugs (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=198)
- Heavy accident in Tech Haven (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=199)
- Dementi by Black Dragon (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=200)
- An “immoral” offer (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=201)

30-07-07, 08:58
Updates in the Mags and ingame Newsletter / Alliance Mails:

Voice of the Resistance (latest below):
- Is this H.I.O.B.s "Peace" (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=205)
- Missed Doy citizen (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=207)
- TechHaven: Still no repairs in sight (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=208)
- BD: Sales volume of Drugs higher than ever (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=210)
- Explanation to the Dome (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=209)
- Awards for the Dome (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=211)
- Protocol of the last meeting concerning the missed doy citizen (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=212)

Neocronicle (latest below):
- Espionage in the Tangent HQ (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=215)
- New robots "populate" the city (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=216)
- TechHaven: Still no repairs in sight (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=217)
- Answer of Biotech (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=218)
- High increase in production at Proto Pharm (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=219)

03-08-07, 08:08
Update in the magazines and newsletter:

Voice of the Resistance:
- The manhunt continues (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=218)
- The misterious case (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=215)
- Meeting with the City Mercs (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=214)
- Diamond Real Estate wins auction (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=213)

- DRE builds shop in TechHaven (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=223)
- The secret plans (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=222)
- Subway repaired (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=221)
- Diamond Real Estate wins auction (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=220)

Read also "Explanation to the storyline (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?t=140360)" in the Reakktor announcements

15-08-07, 07:50
Updates in the mags and newsletter:

Voice of the Resistance:

The GSS Team asks for support! (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=227)
The real truth about Crahn (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=226)
A big mission (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=224)
Next step for the Alliance with Crahn (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=225)
The decision (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=223)
Something is wrong! (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=222)
The Dome never gives up! (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=221)
The secret meeting (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=220)
Further awarding for the Dome (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=219)


The big Test (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=232)
Welcomes and New Beginnings (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=231)
What’s up with Bio Tech and Tangent? (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=229)
Occurrences in the Subway (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=228)
Just filling up Storage space? (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=227)
Dementi by Proto Pharm (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=226)

21-08-07, 11:04
Updates in the mags & newsletters

Voice of the Reistance:

Mission successful (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=233)
Research of the medicament (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=232)
Is this where the taxes are going? (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=231)
Blessing of crahn (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=234)
Medicament arrived! (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=230)
Conspiracy against Black Dragon uncovered (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=229)
Cooperation with TechHaven’s citizens increases (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=228)


Dementi to affairs with Black Dragons (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=236)
Where will this end? (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=235)
First arrangements against HIOB started (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=234)
Tangents new weapon ready earlier than planned (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=233)

25-08-07, 08:40
Updates in the mags and newsletter:

Voice of the Resistance:

First signs (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=238)
First goal achieved (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=237)
A rare cooperation (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=236)
The build up and the spreading (http://www.votr-mag.com/?p=235)


H.I.O.B. on the run (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=238)
FAO:"Voice of the Resistance" (http://www.neocronicle.com/?p=237)