View Full Version : Has anyone managed to do a complete HUD yet?

27-11-06, 18:53
I've been completely swamped by this animation movie project that I *have* to do for my final, leading to very little time for my concepts for the HUD contest. I'll probably be disqualified or not even in the contest at all. :(

27-11-06, 19:23
I'm not entering as I knew I wouldn't have one done in time. If I dedicated myself to it and didn't participate in any games and life events then I'd have a design I'd be proud of. :cool: That, however, is not really an option and I'm doing a little at a time for my own amusement.
This competition will probably be won by someone who has had an RPOS design "stored" on their pc for some time. coughpancoughthocough ;)

28-11-06, 17:20
Think KK will extend the contest a couple more weeks?

28-11-06, 17:23
I will see how many submissions we have at the deadline and then decide of we extend the contest or not.