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17-11-06, 15:16
(Ooc: This is not a background story for my GenTank but rather a Neocron tie inn for one of my steady short story characters)

Few live to see both ends of a century. But only one man has lived to see the rise and fall of civilisation. A man who has been both the bodyguard of young Alexander and advisor to Regant. This man is known in myth as the eternal Taurmin, untouched by the cruel hand of time and unharmed by the dangers he have faced.
Long did he linger, after the world had ended, within the Ceres library, and long did he study the records held within so as to prevent himself going mad. When Thor entered the tomb of knowledge high to the north he was greeted by the immortal, and he bid him follow him south to Neocron. Here he lived among the tribes of Ceres and Thor until they split. Feeling himself bound to Thor he followed him in his assault upon Neocron. And it was he who, when Crahn was slain, proclaimed Thor the new leader of Neocron. For years he lingered in Neocron only rarely appearing in public. For Thor did not want his true nature to be known and even Ceres did not know of his curious fate.
Then came the death of Thor and Taurmin continued on in the service of his son Regant. He had known the man his entire life and had often come to him to hear tales of ages long forgotten. He saw the wisdom of his father’s old comrade and instated him as his advisor. And when the Ceres war began he was charged with the task of leading the assault upon the dome. It was during this time that Regants PSI monks secretly extracted a sample of his DNA as he slept. The armies of Ceres where vanquished and deep within the glass domed city Ceres fell before his ancient blade, the blade that would later mistakenly be called the “Blade of Ceres”. In reward for his great victory Regant gave to him dominion over the fallen kingdom of Ceres and the Ceres disks where once again open to everyone.
When the contact between the two cities where lost so was the knowledge of the immortal lord of the dome. Regant eventually passed away as is the fate of all mortals and in his absence the PSI Monks decided to revive the mighty weapon of Neocron. For many weeks they toiled in their cloning workshops attempting to replicate the great hero of the Ceres war. However their attempts where all for naught for the secret of immortality lies far beyond mere genetics. What they did however create was a GenTank unlike any other created during the long years of war. He had retained the personality of the forgotten hero although he did not pocess his unique powers and they named him Taurmin in memory of Neocrons hidden saviour.