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26-10-06, 21:41
OK started today, looking a bit bare but much user friendly then default... Im getting this problem with the text box... any ideas?

http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/1258/questionmarksc7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)


26-10-06, 23:03
ok, sorted out the side bit for the "communicator" window, it seems that it was modified like that to suit the defualt rpos. the horizontal line in the communication window is no biggie, just annoying:P if anyone has a way of fixing it, do tell =)


Mighty Max
26-10-06, 23:19
The horizontal bar could be the part of the rpos_1.bmp which extends the window sideways (in the bmp at the top middle). My guess is, that you went into the repeat-Zone with the border, so the toppest pixel of the border gets repeated thus creating this horizontal line. (It should repeat if you enlarge chat even more)

Should be solved when you move the lower border down or if you thin it by one pixel.

27-10-06, 00:50
Nice, worked, thanks :)


31-10-06, 09:05
How did you fix the part on the left of the chat box ? its seriously doing my head in ;o mines just showing up as a black line from the alpha but no colours, where abouts on the rpos does it pull it from oO

04-11-06, 00:44
i couldnt do much, but to have a step almost going into that line, then a step going back out of it to make the box a box again. i ran out of ideas on it