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19-10-06, 11:35
Ok, Quick google search, i found a RPOS

(Well what do ya now, the same one that internet cafe i always went do use) -

The Rare file its in, is abit simple..... Suits me tbh

OK - Screenshots of the HUD!....


[ edited - please send them in to us. Don't post them here on the forums. ]


19-10-06, 11:38
Read !

Submission of modified R.P.O.S. packages for the publishing on the Neocron 2 product site
Specifically modified R.P.O.S. packages can be submitted by e-mail (community@reakktor.info) in the form of RAR or ZIP archives. After examination, these packets will be published on the Neocron 2 product site. The publication of unapproved modified R.P.O.S. files or packages on the official forum is not permitted and will be punished as a breach of the forumsí terms of service. For discussion purposes a special subsection will be arranged in the player guide section of the official forum.

19-10-06, 11:39
Typical. We create a whole new forum devoted to RPOS customisations and it immediately gets ignored. :p

Thread moved and closed. Read the rules.


/edit - to clarify - there is no such thing as an unofficial RPOS customisation on these forums. You may post screenshots but you cannot share out the actual graphic files - you must submit them for verification by us. We will upload them to the product website and you will get full recognition.