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18-10-06, 05:05
I am EXTREMELY bored at the moment, so i thought i would provide you guys some story goodness (i hope). Should half way compare to my Warbot Titan story...which...i never finished...*cough* o_O


Sitting in his foul, Moldy smelling apartment, Apoc cleaned his Gattling Gun barrels. He felt that he needed to cleanse all his weapons after putting in a hard days work as a Bounty Hunter. He prided himself on checking up on NCPD's Most Wanted list daily, and attempting to hunt down a criminal in his Reveler vehicle he got exclusively from NEXT.


Apoc woke up with a start, Hearing someone outside his outzone apartments Window. He asumed it was a thief or a smuggler, so instictively grabbed his Gattling Cannon he kept on a rack above his bed. He peeked around the window, checking the Ally for any activety. Seeing nothing, he hit a switch on the side of his gun that activated a flashlight that he had a engineer freind mount on his cannon. He scanned the Ally, but that was not what alerted him of a theif. The flashlight had scared the Man that attempted to break into Apocs home, after seeing his stockpile of weapons he kept in various places around his apartment, easily visible from the alley and his boarded windows. Apoc instictively picked up on the mans heavy, accelerated breathing, and grabbed for his Blade of Ceres, which he called the sword that he had taken so much time to find the ancient peices too. He silently crept out the window, and in a second, he was on the ground, still half kneeling with the blade on the mans neck.

"Who the hell do you think you are!?!"

18-10-06, 18:40
"Who the hell do you think you are!?!"

"Why it's me ya uncle Earl! Mind putting the blade down kid before I need to change my undies. Woah, look at you! My how you've grown. Why I remember when I last saw you...you...you were just learning to tie ya shoe laces. Heh heh...actually that was only last week."

18-10-06, 22:40

heh...ill get back to work on this one or Titan today. i strangely have felt like doing this the past week.

19-10-06, 17:04
Ha ha ha ha *runs*

25-04-07, 05:40
Jeesus...There is some HORRID spelling in there...Fucks sake i must have been fuckfaced when i did this (would also explain why i dont remember it.)

Asurmen Spec Op
25-04-07, 05:48
I better be that guy outside your window

25-04-07, 06:06
Hehehe You really wanna be the guy outside my window? The entire next part of my story just unfolded in my head as you said that

25-04-07, 06:34
Too damn bad- Your goin into it.


"Asurmen you dumb fucker! You know better than to sneak around my apartment at night!"

Asurmen let out an exasperated response. "Get that sword off my neck you idiot!" Asurmen proceeded to slap apoc.

Thats why Apoc liked the man he affectionately called Assman. Hes the only one that would have the nuts to slap a man with a 7 foot sword 3 centimeters from his Juggular.

Apoc set the sword on his shoulder. "Next time ill cut your fucking dick off you dumbass."

As usual, Asurmen made himself at home in Apoc's home, after scampering up a couple boxes and through a window.
"Calm down you hot-tempered fuck. I Just wanted to talk to you about buisness."

Apoc leapt through his window and set the sword back in its proper place in one swift motion, which was quite a feat considering the Alley was around 7 feet below his window.
"What kind of buisness?"

Asurmen responded after taking time to think over his response, Which basically amounted to "Im out of drugs. We need to go on another raid." Asurmen had a healthy disposition of using overly large words when discussing buisness, which Apoc always made a point to ignore.

They had a particular target they always enjoyed stealing their equipment from. A certain clan they had a mutual dislike for.

Apoc hit Asurmen upside the head with a baseball bat to regain his attention.
"My stripper bitch. Youve got plenty of your own and we both know it."

Asurmen Looked confused. "What where we talking about?"

Apoc looked at Asurmen in disgust. "God, A Pair of tits and you completely lose your train of thought. Im glad i aint got any droms in here." Apoc hit Assman upside the head with the bat again

Asurmen Spec Op
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You know you love it. More feedback ya lazy bastids!

26-04-07, 09:55
This stuff is really good! Both this one and Titan's story. They kinda remind me of a more adult version of the 'Halo' books (which sadly I have read).

Definitely keep them coming.

William Antrim
26-04-07, 10:48
nice work, ill post one of my own one day soon.

26-04-07, 13:16
Tonite i will dream that one day Assman will come to my window :(

Asurmen Spec Op
27-04-07, 23:00
oddly enough apoc seems to understand my base personality to well =/

ashley watts
28-04-07, 00:28
Har Har

28-04-07, 00:33
oddly enough apoc seems to understand my base personality to well =/

Ive been around you enough to understand your total loss of motivation at the sight of tits

Asurmen Spec Op
28-04-07, 00:49
Ive been around you enough to understand your total loss of motivation at the sight of tits
And yet oddly enough, only on the internet am I horny son of a bitch.

I blame the easy access to porn

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